Does this count as chasing someone? Will he think I'm desperate? Please help?

I know this guy from my school noticed me and he walked by me on purpose a lot and stuff. I made the first move months later finally when I messaged him on instagram and we had a little convo. before bed he said he would talk to me later. it's the third day since we've talked and I want to talk to him again but I don't wanna seem thirsty by starting the convo again. Also I said bye to him after school first.. He just walked by I don't think he was gonna say it.. but I know he purposely walked past me.. is he genuinely not interested because I truly thought he was


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  • if u start convs always... then consider it's chasin ;-)

    • What do guys think of a girl who's chasing them? Desperate? If I message him first the second time but not again is that still chasing?

    • hahahaa nooooooo

      confident gal 8)

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  • Maybe he's shy or not sure? Sometimes people walk past others like that because there not sure if you wanna talk or not. Its like giving someone a reminder or notation I guess. Maybe he's expecting you to approach because he is feeling the same as you. Heck even I sometimes do it.

  • No, let him reach you. Don't message him again.

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