I need some advice on my situation. Should I just forget about this guy?

Long story short. Been talking to this guy for a while. I wasn't interested initially but, I ended up liking him a lot, we've veem talking through text and sometimes we call eachother. It used to be all day or at least half a day. Now, I'm lucky if I get an hour. He constantly disappears in middle of conversations and comes back the next day with a stupid I'm sorry excuse. Every time I bring it up he says he's busy, he never tells me with what. I know he has work and stuff but I'm just not sure if I should move on? It's draining me... I like him a lot but i feel like he's just stringing me along. I don't know what to do. Anyone help?

Anybody else? I'm desperate.


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  • Move on, if he can't be honest with you about how he feels and never actually makes time for you then chances are he won't. A guy can always make time for a girl whether is in person, a text or a call but he has to WANT to make time for a girl

    • He tells me he likes me a lot and stuff like that but at this point I feel like he's just stringing me along. I don't know why he'd do that tho? What's he gaining? I'm so confused.

    • Just ask him. Its fair enough he likes you but if he wants to keep you he has to make this thing "official" and has to make time for you. You aren't really asking for much for him to contact you. Just be honest and say you really like him, you want this to go somewhere but you feel like he has backed off recently and you are unsure as to why.

    • I'm gonna do that. Thanks for your help.

  • just forget about him.

    • You think? I really like him a lot