Regretting what I said to this guy, as I may have jumped the gun... want to apologize, but should I just let it go?

I'm afraid I'll come off as crazy if I try to apologize. I really liked this guy, which is maybe why I got so upset. He has divorced parents, will be single for 3 years in July, and is a loner just like me. Just a lot in common. However, he ignored my message around my college graduation and things just kinda went downhill from there. He text me a week later and then again because I didn't answer. I replied. He ignored me. We finally managed to connect and have a phone conversation. He asked me to an amusement park for the weekend (first time he asked to hang out together). I told him I was working all weekend and would let him know about next week, as he said he usually only works Thursdays and Fridays. He asked me to text him when I woke up... once again he didn't reply for 5 hours and with one word. We talked again that night after he text me and text me again because I didn't answer fast enough and then I didn't reply to his "Hmmm." He didn't message me all weekend, so Sunday night I decided to see if he was free Thursday, by chance. He didn't answer, so the next morning I sent him a text saying never mind, that it was weak to put the ball in my court, that he had been too inconsistent in his words and actions, and that I enjoyed talking to him and wished him the best. Obviously, he didn't reply.

He's been watching my SnapChat moments and hasn't deleted me, so I don't think he hates me. I have felt this pressing on my heart to apologize because I feel I jumped the gun. I think everything looked worse than what it was and even if he doesn't reply, I feel like I owe him an apology. He seemed so sweet on the phone, said he respected women, didn't enjoy games, etc. But yet, I felt like he was doing the exact opposite of that. Do you think I should let it go or apologize? I'm afraid if I try to apologize for calling him weak and everything, I'll just look stupid. Advice?

I sound pathetic just reading this... sigh


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  • Just apologize already


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  • You won't look stupid if you apologize. It was sort of impulsive of you to call him weak. By apologizing, you actually show him that you're a mature person who can admit their mistakes.