Is there a way to get someone's opinion back on my question?

I asked a question ( ) and one of the opinions wasn't exactly helpful, but I wanted to find out what the opion holder found so objectionable about my question. Is there a way to get it back?

I could message her, but that wouldn't be anonymous.


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  • It was removed because it broke site rules, you can't get it back. Just message the person and try and find out if you want to know.

    • Can someone leave a second opinion if they've had one removed, or will it not let them?

    • No they can't, there's no harm in just messaging them.

  • She probably misunderstood what you were saying. I think you'd both agree that "slut" is a bad thing to call someone and that a woman who likes sex has no reason to be ashamed.

    • Could you tag her for me? (LauraMarx)

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