Funny Questions & Answers on this website.. ?

Asker :- Why did he break with me? ... ( ok continue what ur problem? )
Asker :- Do you think she love me? ...( give me her number i will ask her for you )
Asker :- Do you like lady gaga? ...( if i like or i dont like what the matter about answering this here? )
Asker :- Why hmmmm i dont know? ...( ... 1 hour already do u still need more time to know what u dont know? )
Asker :- My GF/BF are bad he/she did this that... ( do i really have to believe you that he/she did not you who did? )
Asker :- should i eat pizza or not ...( well aks ur stomach dont ask " GAG " )
Asker :- i like her but i dont want to tell her... ( so why you desturbing us here get out lol )
Asker :- my friend said its ok to sleep with another guys ( so i wish ur boyfriend antenna won't be able to catch ur signal when u do it keep following ur friend baby )
Asker:- What time in your country? ... ( there is a new innovation called " google " dont you u know? )
Asker :- i want to sleep ... ( ok Me too... so the quesitons is? ... ah ok good night )
Asker :- i love my boyfriend but i want eat ice cream... ( well i love my dog but i will open the window )

and one real quesiton yesterday is one guy asks ( do you know how to masturbate ) ... i just answered him saying ( my younger brother 13 years old he know how to do.. how come u are 30 and asking this here..

i just make this funny post to make you all smile and anyone sad to be happy.. keep smiling and throw the sad things behind you... Love you all GAG's.


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  • haha thank you!

    • you'reeee welcomee :)

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  • I hate "What does this mean?" questions. Like, "A guy said hi to me, what does this mean?" Uhh, it means he was greeting you.

    • lol to keep healthy dont take such as those questions its not good for your heart hahaha

  • Asker :- Do you think she love me? ...( give me her number i will ask her for you ) - the only one that's funny.


  • Methinks you're golden lol Thanks for making me laugh and keep doing what you're doing!!! :D

  • GAG is an interesting place.


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