Why Won't My MyTake Post?

I'm trying to post a mytake, and it's not posting. I've made it, I've edited it, edited it again. Tried posting it consecutavely.
Doesn't work. I've never had the problem before, I haven't hit the mytake max for today. There is no word count that I'm aware of and I only have five pictures. So? What?
Why won't it post?


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  • Server problem may be... Try to reload or refresh your modem


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  • Do you still have this issue? Can you tell us what's happening and in what step you get an error? Thanks for the feedback

    • No, I'm good now.

      Basically I'd hit the preview button, then go to hit post but it'd only refresh the page instead.
      It's fixed itself now though, thanks.

  • didn't u upload any images?


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