Is the ability to block ALL opinion comments on a given opinion as an anonymous QA a bug or a feature?

I personally find it annoying that I can't reply on opinions because the QA arbitrarily decided that EVERYONE who attempts to post on that opinion is blocked from that opinion. You'd think they just block the given person from posting on the question, not that they block everyone who tries to post on the opinion. It's weird and I don't see its purpose.


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  • I don't know, it just allows you to shut down a train of discussion and stop it from carrying on and escalating. It seems unfair to block a person from commenting on their own opinion yet allow others to comment. That doesn't seem fair at all, so I see the reasoning behind it.

    I have totally changed my opinion about blocking, when I joined I thought it was super petty and childish and only had creepers blocked, now the list goes on and on and on... If someone is intent on being a dick I just silence them. I won't lie, I like the idea of them writing out a whole huge diatribe in response and then going to hit the submit button only to find they can't post... GaG has made me petty... haha!

    • "It seems unfair to block a person from commenting on their own opinion yet allow others to comment."

      That is exactly what happens if you just click on someone's profile and block the person, assuming you are not an anonymous user.

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    • Well yeah, I never really liked blocking :P

    • I didn't, I'm a big fan now... haha!

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  • Question asker can block Opinion Owner only for that post. When that opinion is blocked, no one, including the asker, can post further comments.

    • I don't really like how no one can respond to it. This pretty much eliminates debates and conversations. What would make more sense is if you could just block the opinion owner from that given question, rather than just block everyone. That doesn't stop the opinion owner from taking their view to someone else's opinion instead. Unless I am misinterpreting the purpose of this.

    • Taking one's view to someone else's opinion would confuse the reader and mess with the opinion of that someone else.. And if you block the opinion owner from that question, it should block them from "that question", not just his own opinion.

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  • What? What the heck? I have never noticed this.


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