Should there be a system on GAG where users who abuse certain features so that they can harass and obsess over others are shown?

I believe it is very important to monitor the habitats of our minds and spirits in every day life, but ESPECIALLY online when we are exposed to certain behavior. Controlling your online environment is no different than controlling a social group at school and generally being selective of who has the opportunity to contribute to your day. This probably has something to do with why a block feature has been created on every single form of social media or online community. Participating at GAG is VOLUNTEER work: we have no duty or obligation to interact and involve ourselves with people here. We don't have a responsibility nor are we committed to listening to someone's combative 'debate' simply because they don't know how to interact without arguing. They seek to bicker, not to discuss. They seek applause or some sort of mental trophy, not an expansion of the mind. We're not babysitters who are committed to putting up with a childish tantrum.

The notion of not including or inviting unsavory presences that show a habit of either being completely unproductive or toxic is something that is practiced in real life and online. If you were to practice that notion in real life and someone kept attempting to make you hear their voice, get your attention, and smear your characters to others: that would be called HARASSMENT. I had an experience where I boldly informed someone that I was honestly, simply not interested in the way they present themselves therefore I blocked them. Instead of humbly accepting that someone didn't want to speak with them, they literately obsessed over the post, tried to initiate conversations with others, ALL REVOLVING AROUND ME, and even tried to draw attention to the situation on other posts that had nothing to do with it. This situation has led me to think that some sort of system displaying users that have harassed others would be useful. I will tolerate many types of traits but abnormal

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Any stories of online harassment? What are your general thoughts on this topic?
*cont. abnormal harassment is not one of the traits I'll embrace in others.


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  • "I had an experience where I boldly informed someone that I was honestly, simply not interested in the way they present themselves therefore I blocked them"

    That sounds AWFUL. God forbid someone wants to have a discussion on a question/answer website

    • If someone is abrasive, combative, pushy, or dramatic then they are not going to be able to have a productive, useful, positive ‘discussion’. I shouldn’t have to tolerate someone’s low quality communication skills and patiently speak with them while they figure out how to talk to people.

      Just because this is a question/answer website does not mean that people have an obligation or duty to interact with others who are negative, toxic, and exhausting to communicate with.

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    • Hold on a min. I’m going to go to the post and find out why it is you find it appropriate to accuse me of being someone I’m not and you seem to think that your ego is more important than potentially smearing someone’s character.

    • By the way, that comment was in reference towards where someone spent THREE DAYS obsessing over my post and speaking about me towards others, trying to make me look bad for boldly choosing not to speak with him.
      Don't assume that everything is all about you @Bandit74 It's not uncommon for people to have similar experiences and it's unfair and not cool when someone vulnerably shares theirs and you use it as an opportunity to lash out at someone else who blocked you.

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  • Guess u take things very seriously... relax, i already told u. :)

    • You told me to relax when I told you it’s not fair, helpful, or productive to tell a 16 year old that she has a bad parent because he told her that her age makes him less likely to take her opinion seriously. Not sure why you came here with a self-centered attitude focusing on a dialogue that happened and ended a while ago, instead of actually contributing thought to the current topic at hand.

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  • I'm totally in favour of this. Like having a published "wall of shame" list where users who harass or send inappropriate PMs are shown.

    • :/ Something like that. Similar to the nature of a registered sex offender list. Less extreme of course but with the motive to allow people to make an informed choice about who gets to be involved in their online environment.

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    • I volunteer with teenagers so I'm a little more immune. To them, everything is a life or death scenario because that's currently how their brains are wired. They're not yet capable of taking a more objective view. Sure, it's annoying, but understand that part of their psychology allows me to be more sympathetic.

    • Hmmm... I guess. Still haven't quite figured out how to deal with people like that so I just avoid interaction with them by only speaking to them when I have to then absolutely cutting the dialog short or not speaking to them at all.

  • Sure. I'm also in favor of exposing anon users who abuse the block feature instead of accepting free speech.

    • Girl, preach!!!

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    • We disagreed in that question you linked to bandit.

    • Oh lol there were so many answerers that I stopped paying attention to names. There were two days where I had over 30 notifications just because of that one post alone! Unless someone said @____ (so and so), I don’t know who I was talking with :P