Girls, I am new here, how to use it, can anybody help me?

I heared a lot about this site but no idia how to use it so please , help me?


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  • Welcome to GirlsAskGuys dudeHR !
    You can post questions, answer questions and read myTakes or even write your own. Start out by maybe answering some questions. It is easy! Just go to Questions at the top of the website and scroll down to "by topic" and select a category that you'd want to answer questions in. Alternatively you just go to "recent" or "popular" if you don't care about the category of the question. MyTakes are a exciting new feature to this website. As recommended by BellePepper be sure to check out to help you.

    If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask me :)

    • Actually my friends often use this site and it is my first time here, is it true some can block my profile

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    • No problem :)
      I hope you enjoy this website.

    • Hope so...

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