If a question has had a best answer selected, should you still be able to comment an answer?

Seems pointless to comment, if the best answer has been selected.

Also, if the best answer that was selected is no longer on the site (the user left) should you have a chance to change the best answer. I mean, the person is no longer on the site, seems like a waste of points


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  • Actually it makes a lot of since because ever since they chaged how GAG use to be and you couldn't select BA/MH in one day you got more opinions and better opinions.

    Now people select it almost as soon as they ask it and more often than not they selected a crappy answer and someone else winds up helping them more regardless of not getting MH.

    • Exactly my point, they select the one they're looking for, not the TRUE answer. They know they have time to select it

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  • i guess you could give your opinion if it's different from the ones that were already given. just to give the asker more insight.

    • Then that sort of defeats the purpose though

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    • maybe for their points for the day or something. I don't know. i noticed some people pick them right away, not sure why tho

    • Just seems unnecessary

  • This is why i don't like selecting the MHO because i feel like it's disrespectful to all the others who took their time out to even answer. Smh. Besides, i love getting all the opinions i can. It gives me a clear view of my problem on every angle.

  • Sometimes, I do.


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  • That is a very hard one - I can see merits in both sides of the argument but if you closed of a question on award of MHO a lot of questions would disappear and I know if things get slow I trawl back through old questions to find something to comment on. If a user leaves I say finding all their MHOs would be a programming nightmare.

  • Because it's fun to just pile up in that section.
    Just the idea of others reading about your ideas and liking them is the best part.
    Sometimes other answers answers other people's question better than the best one.

    If you asked someone "do I look ugly" and the best answer was "yes you do" and someone else answered "you look gorgeous" 2 days later, then that answers your question, but it doesn't mean it isn't the best.

    Sometimes the best selected answer isn't the best selected answer. This is tell you what you want to hear website if you're stating it in that way.