Does anyone else hate how the moderators can just take away the freedome of speech when ever they get offended?

I was in the middle of answering a question and the moderators took it off becasue it was someone got offended. I didn't like the question but I beliave everybody has the right to speak their mind, this is the one and only thing i don't like about this site


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  • If the question was removed and you didn't post the question, the administration didn't have a problem with your post. They saw a problem with the question itself. It's not like there's a way for the admins to be "ahhh jakeofalltrades is in the middle of writing a post! WE SHOULD DELETE IT."

    That would be way too silly ;P

    Everyone has the same posting guidelines that you can look at here

    That might help you recognize more situations where a post will be removed so you don't have to worry about being interrupted in the middle :)


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  • IF it was offensive - yep, it's fair.
    You can say what you want - but in a civilized manner. =)
    [and not be racist, sexist, rude or hateful - that should go without saying]

    • no you can't, if you speak out against homosexuality, if favor of white instead of other races, or against women it is automatically removed and discarded, even if you used civilized language

    • Sooo... basically saying you were racist, sexist and rude?
      Yep... o. O

    • it is never my questions, it just pisses me off when it happens

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  • Yes and No - If we don't apply the rules - Some wild stuff would get through - I believed passionately in fair and reasoned debate but if it crosses a line, it has to be removed, if it wasn't and got reaction, it would encourage further troll action thus lowering the expierence for all on site.

  • Some basic decorum never hurt anything... Besides, have you seen what you can get away with on here? 😄

  • Yes, I got banned for two days because I called someone a "nuthead".

    So many butt hurt people here.

    I'm going to start report everyone who offends me, lets see what this community will become.

  • What was the question?