Do you think there should be some sort of back-handed "reward" for douchebaggery on GaG?

... just to let them know that maybe it's really their own fault that they aren't getting along with other people here? Pherhaps there could even be several categories (pseudo-intellectual snobbery, hypocracy & double standards, etc)...

Or do you suppose that would only *encourage* them?

  • yes, it would be for their own good
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  • no, it would only encourage competitive douchebaggery
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It would be hilarious, but it wouldn't create a community atmosphere. Plus, most people don't understand backhanded compliments. They think they're just compliments.

    • I mean like, one guy gets the "reward" for twisting other people's words, so for a few days all of his posts get distorted, and another gets a reward for pretending he's a badass, so his profile pic changes to my little pony or something... Really light-hearted stuff, but *clearly* not a real compliment 😄😈

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    • Ah! Gotcha.

    • changing it to a my little pony would probably backfire real quick.
      Imagine all the bronies... *shudders*

      and guys compete about the craziest of things, so they'd probably compete in douchebagery too

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What Girls Said 3

  • They already get rewarded in people ignoring them, downvotes, and deleted posts. Sometimes I really wish people would work it out a little faster though. If you're going to troll or whatever at least make it interesting for everyone else. That way we can at least all laugh together.

    • Maybe the "award" could include something humorously demeaning, so we can all laugh at him/her for a while? Like whenever he/she posts , it'll come out "I'm a little teapot", or something?

    • I agree with _Zara_. That would only get people to be like AW you got POTTED dude or whatever. Ther have been studies that show community feedback is actually the best way to correct someone's behavior online. It turns out "don't feed the trolls" is one of the most effective methods.

    • *sad*

  • You could just ignore them

    • But I'm starting to suspect that some people genuinely don't understand that everyone else is fine and reasonable, and instead it's his/her own damn fault. That's all

  • no, it would only encourage competitive douchebaggery

    • What if it came with some sort of light punishment, like your profile changes to something stupid for a while, or something?

    • That could work

    • And I *really* like my "I'm a little teapot"/distorted posts idea 😜 it'd be fun for the rest of us, anyway

What Guys Said 2

  • I am afraid it would be option B - We already have one idiot whose ambition is to be blocked by 100 people.

    • *sigh* sad but true... pherhaps it would need some sort of "punishment" to go with it? Like no posting your own questions until the next vote, or something? Or your profile pick changes to something ridiculous for a while?

  • The most popular people here are in that category, imao, so how would you decide who is behaving that way?

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