Do you think that if someone deactivates their GAG account all their questions and profile should be taken down to?

If yes why?
If no why?

I think that their quesions and profile should dispear as it is not like you can contact them anymore and if you post on a question you won't get a reply. Also they can't activate their account again. What do you think?

  • Yes, their profile and questions should disappear so you can only see active users on this site.
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  • No, their profile and questions should not disappear as their questions might be helpful to someone.
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  • I am undecided.
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What Girls Said 1

  • No. They can just deactivate with a private profile.


What Guys Said 2

  • I am a bit undecided is GaG a Q&A site or a social site - Say you asked how to you split an atom and only one person knew, you give them MHO - If they leave all their stuff goes - Someone comes on and searches for how to split atom only correct answer is gone

  • no... maybe someone wants 2 read their posts... so let em be

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