If a Questions details are too long should it be in the myTakes?

... because I feel like long questions are ignored and not answer which is frustrating.
If a Questions details are too long should it be in the myTakes?

  • Yes, put them in myTakes...
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  • No, try simplifying
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  • ... but I can't simplify a story that's context is important in determining what's best to do. So I should...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The direction of this site lately has taken a sharp turn... now it's all about doing everything as fast and briefly as possible.

    People are writing short, descriptionless questions and leaving lazy, thoughtless replies. It's not fun. But there are ways to deal with it:

    - Post your question during busy hours. This can be hard to determine sometimes, but before posting a question, take a look at the recent questions to see how much attention they're getting. Your question was posted about 2 hours ago... for me, that was 5am.

    - Remember that activity on your question will bump it in the feeds. There's also the option of featuring your question, although this isn't recommended if you're looking for quick advice, because you never know how long the queue is. You can always ask other users or followers to have a look at your question too.

    - Even if you have a lot of details you want to include in your question, write it all out in a way that's accessible and easy to read, especially because there are mobile users who are in even more of a rush than those of us on our computers. Paragraphs and/or lists are always good.

    - Unique titles help a lot. You see people complain all day long about how repetitive the questions seem. Considering how disinterested everyone is nowadays, if your question title doesn't stand out to them, they're most likely just going to scroll right past.

    Even keeping all that in mind, I can't guarantee that you'll get the responses you're looking for... but hopefully it'll help somewhat.

    Also, myTakes that only ask a question will be removed.

    • Forgot to mention, add a poll to your question, if it applies.
      People like mindless clicking. Reel 'em in!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Really people must know they are frightening responders off by big long questions - Instead of reposting the question 10 times, a summary would get a better response

    • That's what I did with booty call questions but both are still getting fairly ignored which is annoying.

      Where as this one - which means nothing to me - is getting a decent response... man that's frustrating.

    • Thanks for MHG

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What Girls Said 6

  • Nah. Questions are for advice, MyTakes are for opinions, guides, etc.

    The question you posted has only been posted for 1 hour and it has 3 responses. So first off, try being a little more patient. You may get some more replies.

    Secondly, I agree. This site isn't always the best when it comes to long or more complicated questions. For me personally, I don't mind answering long questions, so long as they aren't a wall-of-text full of run on sentences and spelling errors that make it difficult to read. (Yours looks fine in that regard).

    I actually don't want people to simplify their questions in most cases. I find that most questions are TOO simplistic (people don't provide enough detail to be able to give them good advice).

    Your choices on GAG seem to either be: a) few details = more, but less specific answers, or b) more details = fewer, but more specific answers.

    • I posted that question 2 hours ago and at the 1st hour mark I had zero replies and was getting annoyed and felt it was ending up like another question I posted where I only got one reply. I also have links directing people towards that question so I think that helped too.

      I always try and make my questions/responses easy to read with proper spacing and hopefully above average grammar & spelling (even though they are usually long).

      I just find it annoying the type of question that get attention and the way they are written sometimes is extremely mind-numbing and stupid... I would also like it if GaG had an edit option after you post a response/question/mytake/etc.

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    • I think a lot of it just comes down to the type of people this website generally attracts, as well as the format. For example, when I browse this site, I generally browse by "Recent", so I only see the most recent questions. I'll never see questions that were asked many hours before unless I spend a LOT of time on here. The longer a question has been on the site, the fewer answers it gets. You can browse by popular, but popular questions tend to be the ones that are really easy to answer (What's your favourite dessert?) or controversial questions.

      Also to note, the amount of answers you get can also depend on when you ask your question, since that will influence how many people are around to answer it. It says your question was asked about 3 hours ago. The majority of users on this site are from North America. 3 hours ago was 5am where I live, so you're not going to have many Americans or Canadians on at that time.

    • Personally, if I wanted to ask a detailed question and get quality advice, I probably wouldn't ask it here. I'd probably ask it on one of reddit's advice boards (i. e. /r/relationships, /r/sex, /r/dating_advice).

  • MyTakes should never be used to ask a question, they can be removed. MyTakes and questions are used for different things. You should cut down what you want to share and stick to the main details. You don't need every detail in your question.

    I saw a user post THREE questions, all for the same situation and she was adding in details that were completely irrelevant. It's just not necessary and spams the site.

    If you're unable to cut it down, find an online notepad which allows you to share what's been written and put the link in the description. Even then, people won't read it all so don't write 5 pages and paragraph it!

    If you're still not happy, contact an admin and request they allow users more characters when asking questions.

  • No because MyTakes are to usually educate others on a topic or share your option on a topic. Not to get opinons/advice from other people bit of course we're free to leave a comment.

    But no MyTakes are MyTakes and questions are questions.

    • I could always rewrite them as questions masquerading as mytakes...

    • But then...

      1. You wouldn't need the advice if you already have your answer

      2. That doesn't necessarily mean people will give you advice or at least helpful advice because once they read what it's really about/really a question they would still have no interest in it

      3. You may not get approved to post it

  • I feel like if people used the enter key and put in paragraphs, long questions wouldn't be ignored.

  • just try to simply it as much as possible

    • But I like to paint a detailed picture so people can give a better answer because they have more info and hopefully a better understanding.

  • No because a question is a question and a myTake is a myTake, they're different


What Guys Said 2

  • Well, a myTake is a thread where you tell others something while a question is a thread where you ask others something.

  • No if it's a question then it should be a question. On both questions and mytakes if it's too long people won't read it