Finally it arrived. I think, now the most used hashtags will be highlighted in # column as trending.

What's your opinion?


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  • Lol a hashtag revolution, huh? That would be pretty interesting. I have a twitter account but I never use it so I'm not too familiar with hashtags but who knows, since it's a new feature, I might start using them more here :)

    • Hmm did it sound weird? My creativity was absent last night. :p
      I try to put at least one hashtag in my tweets. It's cool :) (but not more than 3, otherwise it'd be hashtag spamming)
      And on GaG, I'm using these since beginning. It helps me to sort out similar questions I asked :)
      You should try this too and as you're admin, you can better teach us how to use them. :)

    • Yeah, I most likely will. It will be good to get posts trending that way as well :)

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • That's actually an interesting notion, mostly because I haven't seen hash tags used on this site in a LONG LONG TIME.

    • Yeah I hope we will see a new trend :)

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    • Yeah I figured it out.

      Yes it does. In my mobile it is readable upto "itsWhenTheFirstWordIsStartedAsSmallB" even if it has 1080p width. I needed to log in from PC.

    • itsWhenTheFirstWordIsStartedAsSmallButThenEveryO

      That is what I see, but I can select it, and copy paste it to see it, this is a CSS bug

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