Is this happening to anyone else?

All I see when I click the feed or the "recent" thing are recent questions but can't see other activity (like people sharing opinions). Is this happening to anyone else?

Gag is so boring this way! There's like 1 or 2 questions per minute so not seeing other activity makes this a really boring page. Can someone please help me out? I've already selected the "all posts" options from the menu but it makes no difference.

I don't know if it's a bug or what but this new design is awful, unnecessary and it's making everything more complicated.

They fixed it!


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  • You're not the only one. But I'm fairly confident that they simply have some tweaking to do.

    • Is it happening to you? I hope they fix it soon

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    • Fair enough. I don't agree with everything they changed now either. Especially the hashtag addition just strikes me as wholly unneeded. No GaG, you aren't and won't ever be the next Twitter. No Facebook, you aren't either.

    • Yeah lol I wish they would change it back but they obviously won't :/

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  • Not to me. It has gotten quite boring as of late. But I'm going to continue being on here as long as I can get up to getting enough Amazon gift cards to buy a PS4. It's my goal. :D

    ... I already wasted 40 dollars... haha.

  • Its because of PepĂ© the frog. He looks like he's up to something in your icon.