If it fair for GAG to hire Feminist Mods and Admins?

  • Yes they have to protect their image
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  • Yes, No one should talk bad about women
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  • Yes, women have been discriminated against for too long
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  • I know what you mean many civil questions or opinions about women often get removed.
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  • Another one of you're BS questions. Now you are BLOCKED!
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  • WTF? "hire"? Mods don't get paid for removing opinions about women. You Blocked.
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  • Well, "F" is true---mods don't get paid.

    I think it's fine for GAG to choose mods who are feminists. I don't think they should only choose feminists to be mods, but I'm pretty sure they don't.

    Personally, I am a mod and a feminist. The moderator handbook does say that sexist posts should be removed. That said, I personally err on the side of leaving most things up, even if they are sexist. Why? Because I'd rather allow people to engage in discussion about these topics. Even if there's a low probability, I'd hope that may be people will have their minds changed and develop a better understanding and a more positive view toward the other sex. Disagreement and debate are fine. Personal attacks are not. Keep it civil.

    There is a wide range of sexism, from common stereotypes, to outright hostility/hatred. I would leave up a question like, "Why do women love assholes?" or "Why do women only care about money?, but hide a question that was really just an angry rant talking about how women are inferior to men in every way. I would leave up a question like, "Why are men such jerks?", but I would hide a question that had to do with "#killallmen" or a rant arguing that all men are abusive cheaters.

    Personally, I think there is a delicate balance between allowing for open discussion on all sorts of topics, even controversial ones, and keeping GAG a place that is enjoyable for people and where they can feel comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions. Frequent hostility to any group of people (whether that's based on sex/gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc.) or to individual users doesn't make for welcoming community. Again, you can talk about these things, but try to be civil about it.


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  • I didn't know what option to vote for because the options available all seem a bit childish. I don't see why this website can't have feminist individuals. It's good to have people of all different beliefs and values. Not all feminists are extremists. Feminism is such a broad term that you cannot possibly use it to judge all people by. A lot of us are from different countries where feminism might even be a lot different than in say a first world country. I think it's very arrogant when people just think feminism must be modern feminism or what they are exposed to in their countries.

    • ^^ this

    • Agrre that feminists should and must be active and influential members here. My take on the question is that it's about moderator fairness. No problem if they are the most extreme feminists imaginable provived they do their job fairly and objectively, meaning that girls are held to the same standard of courtesy and non-sexism as the gius are.
      I am also interested in the issue of transparency. Justice must be done and it must be seen to be done and done in the fairest possible way.

    • That's the whole point. Blind one.

  • Moderators don't get paid at all. Only the admins aren't volunteers.


    You can do better, Nathand :p

  • I don't understand? I haven't noticed any particular questions being removed, but offensive questions and questions horny guys ask about girls "would you let me spank you?" "Would you stomp on my balls?" "I'm horny, girls what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?"
    Questions like that SHOULD be deleted, it's got nothing to do with being a feminist.

    • are you not aware of similar posts from girls? Should they also be removed?

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    • @nathand
      No way can I agree with this. Bullying, including cyber-bullying, is dangerous for the younger set. Leads to a high incidence of psychiatric disorders and suicides. It needs to be ended. Full stop.

    • People need to learn ways on how to deal with words.

      We are so limited in today's world because people are getting easily offended over things that are said. Young or older people need to grow thicker skin.

      If something is bothering you "walk" away. Its not fair to have freedom of speech and to complain about it when someone says something bad about you.

  • If you're still around to troll, they can ask whomever they please to be mods.

  • is it fair that you ask this ridiculous questions all the time?

  • Is it fair to discriminate against somebody for being a feminist with regards to employment? No. It isn't.

    Plus who cares if it's fair, this is life - it isn't fair.

    • The antecedent of the pronoun 'it' in your secon paragraph is unclear.
      Would it be more correct to rewrite as 'who cares if discrimination against a feminist is fair,'
      Or as 'who cares if moderation is fair.'
      Please clarify.

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    • I'm trying to get a read on who's sympathetic to the question, who is hostile and who doesn't care. I couldn't tell which way you were leaning. I suspected hostile, but did not want to get it wrong. Per your latest you're telling the asker that life is not fair and he should suck it up. I have you down as hostile.

      Frankly I don't care what any moderator's beliefs are. They could be KKK, extreme MRAs, feminazis, or any other shade of bigot. All that matters is that when the put on their moderator's hat, their beliefs do not colour their decisions, which, for the sake of the community, must stay scrupulouly fair.

    • @Justiphi Well read what you like into it, I wouldn't class myself as hostile. I agree though, the Mod-Hat should be worn... but there are a lot of times it isn't. So yes, it doesn't matter what kind of person the mod is as long as they are able to set aside personal differences and prejudices.

  • These anti feminist people are becoming just as annoying as the extreme feminist they hate.


What Guys Said 10

  • I do have an opinion: forming an opinion is not possible for me due to a poverty of facts showing a lack of balance in moderating decisions. Note that I did not say an ABSENCE OF FACTS. See below.
    - are all moderators feminists?
    - are there any moderators, male or female, who can be clearly identified as non-feminists?
    - is there any evidence that moderators show gender bias?
    - i. e. have any anti-male posts been hidden? Or only anti-female/feminist posts?
    - are male members too 'masculine' to report abuse, which could also explain a discrepancy?
    - is there any transparency around moderators' decisions?

    IMHO there can be no justification for a claim that female members are in need of more protection than we men.

    I do have a seed of doubt based on a personal experience.
    In my early days here I was advised that a post of mine had been 'hidden' due to objectionable content, and that a final decision was pending.
    PROBLEM 1: my post was hidden from me, so no opportunity to review it
    PROBLEM 2: problem 1 was no problem. My input was not wanted. The decision was to be made blind, with no input from me, with no opportunity for me to defend my post or to learn from my mistake.
    PROBLEM 3: this initial notice ended with a lecture effectively saying that I should watch my step in future. It seemed like a very clear ASSUMPTION OF GUILT.

    I thought about this, and sent a reply asking what I'd done wrong. I could not remember saying anything controversial.

    A prompt reply told me that decisions to hide posts are carefully considered, but sometimes mistakes happen and that upon further review my post had been reinstated.

    This brings me to my MOST SERIOUS ISSUE:
    PROBLEM 4: the message ended by advising me that this was an exception, that moderators' decisions are almost never reversed and, as I recall, that I should not expect such generosity again. It came across like 'We made a mistake. We have fixed it. However do not expect such generosity the next time we make a mistake.' Frankly, it sounded petulant, and I was sorely tempted to call them on it. I didn't because I think closure is over-rated, and I didn't see any need to have the last word. If they did, their problem, not mine.

    I'm now sorry to have deleted this exchange. I only bring it ip now because it seems on point regarding objectivity, transparency, courtesy, and perhaps even basic fairness.

  • I assumed I was made an moderator because I had a high success ratio on stuff I reported - My feminist credentials were never checked.

  • That would be a conflict of interest in my opinion. To give them the power to decide what can and cannot expressed is a terrible idea, wikipedia is doing the same thing and it is completely distorting how things are viewed. A moderator cannot have a bias other wise it will become censorship, further more while I have not been on this site long, I have not seen anything that would suggest unfairness to women. Howe ever, having a bias moderator will absolutely result in unfairness for any one who disagrees with the feminist moderators views. Is there discussion of masculinist moderators? It would result in the same thing, one view dominating all others.

  • i'll leave this here: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a10659-unmasking-feminism

    It would be the perfect way to see this site shut down and abandoned by just about everyone.

  • It doesn't matter because the guidelines for removing a post are straightforward. So if you get some feminist who abuses the system the removals won't get approved and just be put back on the site and I'm sure if this happens enough they could potentially lose their ability to hide posts and such.

  • If they got a bunch of feminist mods on this site and any of my questions regarding feminism were taken down I would leave this site.

    • Me too. On the plus side you seem to be satisfied with the fairness of the process. I am disproportionately pro feminist, and happy to hear this.

    • if they wanted to make a bbunch of mods feminists thatd be totally fine but i won't censor myself just because they didn't like it... a wise man once said to find out who your rulers are just find out who you aren't allowed to criticize

  • I know what you mean many civil questions or opinions about women often get removed.

    • Any examples that you know of? It is very serious if civil questions are being censored

    • Can't really post examples if their removed

  • Why are u discriminating against feminists? They can be mods like anyone else!


  • Too bad I'm neutral with feminism

  • I tried to be a mod and I was told never. Lol

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