What are the top 5 questions that you love to answer and the top 5 you get sick of seeing on GAG?


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  • Top 5 Love to Answer

    1. Helping women of all ages with pregnancy/menstruation/female worries of their genitalia or sexuality.
    2. Feminism questions, just so I can help set the record straight as a non-radical.
    3. Religious questions. As an atheist, I just can't help myself.
    4. Break up/Exes questions. I like to reinforce that exes are exes for a reason.
    5. How it feels to be a woman questions. When guys ask what it's like to go to sleep with our breasts in the way, or what we want when receiving oral sex.

    Top 5 Getting Sick Of

    1. Questions where girls posting obviously cute pictures of themselves (the carefully taken duckfacing selfie while she wears either her jammie pants or a bikini or some other outfit you know she'll be changing out of once she leaves her bedroom) asking if they're cute.
    2. Penis size and shape concerns. I tend to answer some, but fucking hate them all. (**However, I don't mind when a penis question is genuine such as asking about circumcision, or sexual concerns regarding their penis.)
    3. Race questions. The would you date a black/white/whatever, which race gets laid the most, stereotype (re) confirmation questions. Many people here are so god-damned caught up in race issues even if they post something seemingly innocuous, they all are senseless and don't help matters concerning racism as a whole.
    4. Obvious trolling. If someone spams hate or wants to be lewd, making it known they just need attention. I usually don't play along, but sometimes will say something smart-ass if it seems some people didn't catch on to the trolling, I'll make it known.
    5. Silly young-user questions. If a fifteen year old's biggest problem is whether or not she should date a 17 year old, it wastes my time to answer. There are much worse things people are dealing with on this site. What someone should wear to go to the mall, or whether or not to add a friend from school on Facebook can be big deals to some of the kids on this site, but not for me. I'd rather answer a 15 year old who is desperate to know whether or not she should get an abortion rather than how to deal with highschool drama.


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  • I can tell you which 5 I get sick of seeing:
    • rate my ass
    • 'creepy dudes looking for fap material' questions
    • boobs vs butt
    • 'rate me/am I ugly' questions by attention whores who know they're hot, but just want attention

    • Hahaha there is a lot of all them on GAG lol

    • I saw the worst sexual question I have ever seen on GAG. It was posted by a girl on here. I don't even want to repeat it and I am sure you don't want to know.

    • Okay lol xD

  • Q. Is my penis size ok? A. Stop obsessing it's fine! stop thinking you need a horse penis!!!

    Q. Am I pregnant? A. There is literally no way for people online to tell you for sure, GO TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND GET A TEST.

    Q. Why do ALL women do this? / why to ALL men do this? A. You can't blame an entire gender for something one person or even a handful of people did. Grow up and realize everyone is an individual and acts differently!

    Q. Am I ugly?/ attractive? A. you have already made up your mind and even if people say you are cute you will say "no I'm so ugly!!" you just want attention!

    Q. He/she LOOKED IN MY GENERAL DIRECTION ONCE!!! ARE THEY IN LOVE WITH ME? A. You have to get the guts to go up and talk to them, this is weird and stalkerish!

  • I love to answer genuine questions, when someone clearly doesn't know the answer, or is at a loss. On questions I get sick of seeing are troll questions and those which are sexual, but in a sneaky way. I 'm bored of rate me and rate my penis questions, but I can understant the motives behind them. Most teens are insecure about their image and want someone to affirm they look alright. Attention seeking behavior, is a prychological problem though, if you are not a teen anymore.

  • the dick size questions
    any Facebook related questions people take it too seriously
    rate me but I have it blocked
    the does this race like this race

    • those are the annoying ones

    • What about the constant questions from girls about boob size I am guess you don't like those either?

    • I would say those too, but I haven't been on much lately, so haven't seen any.

  • I'm sick of these ones
    -rate me
    - penis size
    - boobs side
    - are you virgin
    - butt rate questions

    • And there are lot of all them. There has been an explosion of butt rate ones recently that I have seen

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    • Hey, I am sorry if what I told you was TMI. I just realised it might have been.

    • no, don't worry, it wasn't too much info haah :)

  • - penis size
    - how do I look (when she's clearly gorgeous af
    - is my body okay (when she's freaking slim and has a nice body shape
    - rate my butt
    - are you a virgin (I answered once which was asked by a guy and he messaged me asking for this that nonsense shit

  • Questions I Love:
    Clothes/ Fashion

    Questions I hate:
    Dick Girth/ Male Insecurity (Oh MY GOSH, DUDE, CHICK DON"T EVEN LIKE JUNK!)
    Pervy Trolling
    Sex Q&A ( They must have slept through Sex-Ed)
    Sexual Experiance Questions- As a virgin I'm virtually useless, there.
    Rate Me.


What Guys Said 6

  • Repeated how do I look,
    Dick size,
    Weird sex questions,
    Really long crush questions

  • The numbah one thing i dont ever wanna see on GaG is @arabianpwincess197 denying ma LUV of once in a life time </3

  • I like answering random questions but I do see a lot of dick questions lmao that gets a little boring after that

  • Most sick of:
    "how do I look/am I attractive"
    "will White girls have sex with this Asian guy" (a particular question asked by a creep for many times)
    "does boob size matter"
    "does dick size matter"
    "are you virgin"

  • For one, "Guess my ethnicity" - just a joke.

    • It's just a total joke*
      Who the fuck makes a game out their race?
      And then you get the idiots who don't know the difference between nationality and ethnicity. *sigh* stressful..

  • I've seen more boob size questions in that last three days
    then penis size ones.

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