Do you ever play a voice in your head when you read some GaGer's comments?

I keep seeing the same people here and I have developed this little thing where I start to associate a voice with the person. Like with @DodgersGM I hear a voice like Bruce Cockburn's, and with @rationallioness I imagine Tempeste Bledsoe. Does anyone else do this? Or do you picture some GaGer's to look a certain way when they don't post their picture?


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  • sometimes i do... hahahaha...4 x-ample i assume u have a youthful voice :)
    just curious how do u imagine my voice? :p

    • Okay my voice is like Goldie Hawn's and I'm told I only have a very very slight German accent and sometimes you can't tell it's there at all because I have been speaking English all my life. But I have her sound. And I imagine you sound like Keanu Reeves, basically.

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    • ... He said, in his Keanu voice.

    • Thanks!!

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  • Holy hell... my voice kind of sounds like her! Good ear/eye! But yes, I do do that. If I see someone, especially guys... hahaha.

    • Yeah, that same saucy but sweet sound with intelligence. That's what I hear when I see your stuff. LOL

  • Some of my best Follows/Followers I hear their voice in my head.. Not so much movie stars or anything, @Ozanne, but I can hear them, feel their personalities and one of them, sent me a link to his YOUTUBE video he so this really made it easy.
    I don't normally get involved in the phone deal, although a few have asked for my number but I can hear them in my head and imagine, if they don't have a pix, just a cartoon or whatever, what they look like. xx

    • @hypno-trip I hear Jet Li. @xHoneyxBeex I hear Mila Kunis. You, I hear Marilu Henner.

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    • Hahaha tks paris

    • lol... Love that you came here, dear @skykidx1.:)) xxoo

  • Sometimes I think different people sound different ways but I'm not solid enough on it to pick a specific person's voice XD

  • hhha yes!! @DodgersGM well I love his, that's not secret!
    @zorro8888 it's Antonio Banderas' voice!!
    @Klaatu51 not a voice but he reminds me of Elvis Presley hah 8)

    • LOL... Elvis? But... how? o_O

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    • @Klaatu51 because you're cool ahha I think Elvis is cool ahaha I don't know 8)
      @DodgersGM youu're welcome :)

      Now I'm curious about how people imagne my voice haha

    • Hahha thanks yeah i'm a kewl dude 8)

      I imagine u have Spanish accent :D

  • Yes!
    I didn't know other people did that lol.