What added TOPICS should be included GaG Questions?

I just created a food question https://www.girlsaskguys.com/other/q1550005-what-is-the-last-thing-you-just-ate, and mentioned in the question that I wish there was a Food topic to select as I love discussing food and have made up a bunch of food questions. @BellePepper suggested I write to the admins to ask if a Daily Living or Lifestyle topic could be included.

What do you think? I'm including it in the poll but if you have other ideas, select Other and comment on what you think there should be. I find I use "Other" wayyyy too much!

  • Daily Living/Lifestyle/Cuisine
    Vote A
  • Education/Literature
    Vote B
  • Technology/Computers
    Vote C
  • Financial/Career
    Vote D
  • Pop Culture/Celebrities
    Vote E
  • Music/Film/Entertainment
    Vote F
  • Other (I'll comment on what I'd like to see) / See Answers
    Vote G
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Turkish site has great topics like
    ●Personality and Character
    ●Education and Career
    ●News and Media
    ●Internet and Technology
    ●Arts and Culture

    It'd be great if GAG bring these topics to English site too.

    I'd like to add
    ●Religion and Spirituality

    ●Contests (so that I'd block mention your this, mention your that and post a selfie questions, which actually aren't questions at all)

    • I love how you call it "Contests"! LOL!! That is absolutely what it is, when girls post their duckfacing pictures of themselves in bikinis begging to be rated (thus, losing the How Do I Look topic) and can include all the personal penis and boob questions when people need validation.

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    • Hope we will get a good response :)

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What Guys Said 6

  • I think they should add a personality section I dunno

  • i think Technology / Computer should be added cause so many of us
    can help people who are need of help with their computers and might
    need advice ,

  • No more new topics please. They tried that once before. They had a section for politics, geography, cuisine, movies, music, books, travel, sports, and so much more because the users requested it. It was cluttered with garbage. And this website lost its focus as a dating advice website and turned into a plain old general discussion forum. And I took a long hiatus away from here because of it. I came back once the admins came to their senses.

    • Shouldn't the new hashtag system assist in finding various topics anyway?

  • I think there is plenty of room for expansion

  • Penis length/boob size and other insecurities lol jk!!!

    Literature all the way

  • Above topics would be great addition and it would make me smile.


What Girls Said 4

  • Ahhh!!! ALL of these are good honestly! I'm having a hard time choosing! I like the idea of both a lifestyle topic and a culture entertainment topic. Men and women do consume and approach different types of culture so it would def be interesting.

    • I thought so too. I see tons of celebrity crush references here and lately newsworthy questions about celebrities (as of late, Caitlyn Jenner) that I thought it would a nice add.

    • Oooo that's a good point too! Interesting!

  • I see loads of music and entertainment related questions here so I think that should be added.

  • A and F would be a very cool add on to the topics list.

  • I think we should just make a Food category altogether but that's just me. Anyways what about a race/religion category or like an ethnicity category. I don't know you just see so many freaking religion and racial questions I guess it just makes sense to me but I don't know

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