Why id the censorship on here so arbitrary/inconsistent?

Why is it that a juvenile incest question asking if people have eroticised over their cousins is left up (and has been there nearly a week now, so a moderator must have seen it). https://www.girlsaskguys.com/social-relationships/q1542451-have-you-ever-been-turned-on-by-cousins

Yet When I ask a serious question relating to incest, hoping to have interesting conversations about it the thought police taken it down within an hour.

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*is not id

And it should be "thought police have taken it down"

What I'm asking is why is that a question hoping to provoke serious discussion is censored, yet something juvenile just prodding people about whether they desire incest is deemed fine and left up.
Here's a follow up question: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1551742-should-there-be-a-non-pc-or-controversial-topics-topic

And does anyone have an opinion?


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  • So, in the Moderator Handbook, it says, "ALL posts promoting incest and/or bestiality must be reported/hidden as Explicit."

    That said, I personally do not delete a post simply for talking about incest. There is a difference between talking about incest and promoting incest.

    For example, sometimes the question, "Why is incest considered immoral?" is asked. I've always left questions like that because I see them as a discussion of morality, not a promotion of incest. I think that talking about why we think certain things are immoral or not is an interesting and important conversation. That said, I've also seen this question go on to be deleted by another mod.

    I looked at the question you posted about cousins to see if it's something I think should be deleted. I've decided not to delete it. Why? Well, I don't think that wondering if other people have ever been turned on by or attracted to their cousin as promoting incest, I see it more as a "Am I normal?" sort of question. And to be honest, I don't think that being attracted to your cousin necessarily counts as "incest". For example, would there be anything wrong with being attracted to your 3rd or 4th cousin? Lastly, the idea that there's something wrong with being attracted to your cousin is a western concept. In many cultures, it is completely normal to marry your cousin. I live in Toronto, and in my line of work (and given how multicultural Toronto is), I've actually met lots of people who are married to their cousin.

    As to your question about the inconsistency in terms of posts being removed:
    1. The handbook that mods are given is unfortunately pretty vague. This leaves a lot up to interpretation by moderators, which allows for much more bias in the way things are moderated.
    2. Mods are all just people, so of course we will have our own biases. As I mentioned, sometimes one of us will leave something up, but another will remove it. Even as a moderator, I've had my posts removed by other mods too (when obviously I thought they were fine).
    3. Moderators don't necessarily see everything. We don't get paid, and we just surf the site like any other user does. If we happen to see something that should be removed, we remove it. But certainly some stuff will be missed. Also, if you report something, it does not go to mods, but to the admins, who decide if it should be removed.

    • "For example, sometimes the question, "Why is incest considered immoral?" is asked. I've always left questions like that because I see them as a discussion of morality, not a promotion of incest."

      That's the type of question I'd asked, it wasn't any way encouraging incest or even defending it, just asking why people considered it to be wrong. I don't see how that's worse than the cousin question I linked.

      I know cousin relationships are normal enough, but they definitely count as incestuous.

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    • Anyway, thanks for answering.

    • No problem!

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  • You're right, unfortunately. I once hid/reported a blatant bestiality question... it was asking something along the lines of whether or not anyone had ever had any experiences with animals, and the asker claiming that he did.
    The question was back up by the next day. I still don't understand it.

    The rules say that "ALL posts about incest and/or bestiality will be removed as Explicit." If they say ALL, then they need to mean ALL.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think we talked about something similar the other night I am never in the sexual topics so I can't comment for sure what happens but I agree and disagree with you - I think there should be arbitrary set of rules but they should be consistent.

    • Well I wasn't talking about the rules themselves being arbitrary, but rather their enforcement.

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