Everyone go to Google Images type in Girlsaskguys and your username. After you check out those results type in the words post a pic after your username and see what pops up that time 😉

Multiple images from my previous answers that took me back down memory lane, one of myself that creeped me out , and multiple of @LovesTVDx @CHARismatic110 Mistninja314 a. k. a @Mistnigqa808

What about you?


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  • Oh my God. There's like 5 pictures of me but when I click on them, they change to my current profile picture. : I'm linked to questions I haven't even seen or commented on. How do I remove them?

    The first pic is a picture I used in a myTake.

    Charismatic110 and illusive_man came up though too.

    • I know I'm wondering the same thing I saw a couple of mine but it they changed to my current one and yeah it's weird I guess it's because girlsaskguys is typed in so random things pop up as well I was wondering the same things.

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  • Oh thank you very much. It helped me to remove two posts XD
    I typed that and in the search results, there was a lady with visible breasts. I visited that page and it was there muahaha 😈

    There were only two pics of mine, one of my semi-dimples and another one was of my chest. Haha I share my parts only lol.
    And there were many others too, some of them are not active anymore :(

  • interestin topic... in my case many people appear, and strangely nuff ONLY one edited pic of mine appears... i scrolled down from da top-2-d-bottom yo 8)

    many pics of @charismatic110 and @mistnigqa808 pop-up in my case as well o_O

    other GAGers i've noticed r:

    @cl_517 (edited)
    @jose_22 (his shoes)
    this guy who's touchin gals' butts
    @not_helping (wid one of his older usernames)
    and this guy who asks us 2 rate his pics almost daily... he goes round wid a different name now.

    also i cane see...

    Hulk Hogan, Kate Bush, Debbie Harry, Paul King (from da band called King), Spongebong boxers, Patrick Star, James Dean, lots of pizzas, cat memes, Mortal Kombat fatalities, hedgehogs, US flags, maps from Iraq n Somalia, self-harm scars, American football players,@Doomguy 's gif, cat memes and lots of cats in general, old men smokin, lots of toilets, snapchat's captures, Justin Bieber 30 years later, minions, ass and body shapes from both guys n gals, flower-related pics... oh wot else?

    anyway how on earth those things r related wid my name?

  • https://i.imgur.com/1iXctXt.png

    Found this..


    Good times, ahaha. I cracked up when I found this on search. xD

  • Woah. I feel weird finding my picture on google like that.

  • It is a trip down memory lane alright

  • it took me to an answer I question about a guy asking about a google image about hamsters lol.

    • Lol you got all that from just going to Google images lmfao

    • Lol I think I did it wrong I feel so stupid :( :P
      I went to google images and typed my user name but I was supposed to look for a pic.

  • Nothin' for me.

  • I'm fairly new, so I don't have much of a past. A picture of yourself creeps you out? lol

  • damn that's creepy


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  • I wasn't even there lol 😐

    • Aww :(

      You have posted pics before right? Well it's probably for the best I was creeper out that I had one up there.

    • Yeah, lol
      I just saw pics of other users haha

  • Intestine will check it out