I just asked a question and it didn't show up on feed?

Why? I just asked my question and it didn't show up on the recent feed! I am positive it doesn't because I saw how long ago I posted it, and I saw it on my questions in my profile. I don't know if this question is even gonna show up. But I don't know :( If someone knows why, please tell me!

Oh this showed up apparently. I wonder why my other questio didn't :(


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  • Is everything alright now?

    • I have no idea what's going on. Im thinking it's the question for some reason. I repeated it and for some reason it doesn't show up. It's a question asking to girls and on Girl's behavior. I have no idea what is happening :(

    • And any other question I ask works perfectly fine. So I don't know what the problem could be.

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  • There has been glitches over last 24 hours so give it a bit of time.

  • Was it reported? Or flagged somehow.

    • Nope. Didn't get a message

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