Would it affect MHO% if we opine on a question which already has a MHO selected?

Admins are not replying to me. (I've asked them twice :( )
I tried an experiment. I did that and only opinion count increased but not MHO% count (XX out of YY) but after some time, it increased too. I don't know if someone selected MHO during the process or not. Or maybe the MHO bar is slower than opinion panel. I know it's a bit techincal question. Is there anyone ingenious?

(if it does, it literally doesn't make sense at all as it'd repel some users from answering)

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  • What is MHO?
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  • Any question you answered with No MHO or MHO, will affect the Percentage increase.


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  • 1. I vote 'A' cause it obviously does affect the %
    2. Logically, your MHO % is the % of how many questions you have opined on versus how many MHOs you have received
    3. When you go about opining on questions that already have MHO selected (that I regularly do lol) you are obviously reducing your chances of receiving one thus increasing the gap between number of questions answered and MHOs received :)
    4. Yes it will repel those who answers for MHOs but there are those like me who don't bother with that :)

    • If you are right (which I don't doubt)
      I'm so grateful :)

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    • You were "practically" right too.

    • Ah thank you both for the confirmation and the MH my young friend, your kind gestures keep me encouraged to do better :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm pretty sure it does. It makes sense for it to affect it. You're reducing the chance of MHO so your percentage will eventually go down.

    • It is saying 1,120 out of 7,154 (Opinions 8,505) in my profile
      & 528 out of 3,821 (Opinions 4,504) in yours

      Do you think we have that much undecided opinions?

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    • If you're not awarded by system, it would affect your MHO%.
      I meant the rest 683 opinions in your profile. Do you think there are 683 questions in which you opined and MHO is not selected within this month?

    • Yeah maybe

  • not sure why it wouldn't.

  • I believe that it does.

    Also why create a poll option asking what is MHO? Why not just explain it? It's amazing how many people don't understand what it is, so...

    • Like everybody knows that what is MHO.
      Generally, people make three options, Yes, No and Show results.
      So, instead of 'show results', I always put some unique option in my polls like I did with "what is MHO?"

      Thanks anyway!

What Guys Said 5

  • unrelated but every time I read your shit it sounds sad because of your pic hahaa.

    anyways im sure it does, why wouldn't it.

  • Great question! I tried to find out sometime ago, but never got a clear answer. I think that it still does.

    • Wow thanks a lot.
      Admin replied to you
      "2. Yes, if you share on a question with a MHO and you're not awarded, it will decrease your percentage."

    • Yes, admin reply on the prior question is accurate

  • I think it would - Bit of a programming nightmare to make the distinction

  • I'm inclined to think that it would

  • I think it would reduce your MHO. It would be a lot more coplicated to make it where it doesn't. Anyway it's good having a lower MHO%, as I and probably other people too give MHO to the person with the lowest MHO% if I can't decide who to give it to