How often do you get inappropriate messages?

By inappropriate, I don't just mean sexual. You can talk about whatever you want with your friends so that's not an issue. I mean how often do you get spam, messages from trolls, harassed or weird messages asking you for pictures or something like that?

Bascially anything that you are sent randomly for dishonest or wrong reasons that have nothing to do with looking for advice or friendship.

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  • Multiple times a day.
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  • Probably about once a day.
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  • A few times a week.
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  • A few times a month.
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  • Once every few months or less.
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  • Never.
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  • See results/I haven't been on the site long enough to really know.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Multiple times a day.

    • What kind of things do they ask?

      I'm curious because I never get any. I'm wondering if this is something that only really girls suffer from.

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    • Maybe some guys on here don't know how to interact with women. And girls understand how it feels to receive these messages and don't send them lol

    • I haven't the time to be your personal servant so hopefully a most helpful will do. :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • I get inappropriate stuff waaaaaaaaaaay less often than I used to that's for sure. It really cut back when I became a mod. But now I occasionally get comments about that too sooooo XD

    The best thing to do is to go to the person's profile and flag them. Not only will you be helping yourself, but you're also helping the other people that person is bothering AND anyone they might bother in the future.

    • Good idea. What do we put when we flag them? Don't you need to give a reason for it.

      And yeah I'd say you get less now that you're a mod. Lol
      It'd be like mugging a SWAT team.

      What kind of stuff did you get before?

    • There's a drop down menu with a list of choices. Pick the one that's most applicable.

      LOL! Well some people are more special than others XD

      Solicitations for pics, dirty talk, etc..

  • I use to get multiple times a day... But ever since I changed my privacy setting. I follow back users whom I think are decent. Nobody else can message me, just those people I'm following. So, I get less pervy messages now lol

    • Do you still get any?

      What did they say?

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    • Whew. She's appeased. For now... 0.0

  • Every day Lol I just got a message from a girl who I thought wanted advice.. Turned out to be a joke.

    • How was that a joke? People suck. :/

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    • lol ok...
      or i could message you lol :P

    • If that works for you beautiful ;)

What Guys Said 3

  • I went private after being propositioned by a 13 year old

  • I'm a guy so hardly

  • I'm lucky, I don't get or send those type of message's.

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