I dont' know the stats, but what percentage of new users are private profile? Just going by your experience?

And have you noticed MANY 'old' users also going private, so we can't follow their questions and answers?
Does this pattern explain why many people are leaving?

Most of the time, you're talking now to strangers, people you know nothing about.
And, and can't follow people you've become acquainted with here.. it takes away most of the fun from being on the site. ..

This, in additon to the hug percentage that were already always anonymous. .

Even heavy users of the site don't seem to know you can control who can PM you WITHOUT going private!!!
Increasingly, the site is becoming Facebook light, just people saying hi to friends, wanting to be rated, wanting to know how to take selfies, etc., not looking for advice.


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  • The upsurge in private profiles is linked to creepers and abusive PMs. I went private because I propositioned by a 13 year old ( I hope with all my heart it was a fake account ) and I know a good few people who went private after being upset by messages.

    • See update, you can completely control who can PM you WITHOUT going private and becoming a mystery even to your close friends!

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    • The solution to that is to move the minimum age up to at least 16, imao. But they won't do that because they need the mostly very brief memberships of subteens to boost advertising revenue, I suppose.

      The result is the site become closed except for small cliques of people that know each other personally, Othewise, how to give or exchange advice with someone you know NOTHING about... you can't follow people you admire, etc.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I went private because I had someone stalking my account. But when I joined I wasn't private. And I've only been private once, in all the 3+ years I've been a member, and that only lasted about 1 week.

    Sometimes I get messages, usually past 1 am, and I just ignore. If need be, I block, but the average sex creep doesn't scare me.

    Plus, I think my profile picture scares a lot of pervs away. YAY :)

  • I don't know about the private profile. It's hard to tell because so many are going anonymous all the time.

  • I'm private because I had too many creepers. At least I now get to control who can and cannot follow me.

    • You know, you can control who can PM you on this site without going private... if that's the problem, there's a less drastic solution.

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    • Almost no one can follow you now, as with everyone else who's either anonymous or PP... so we're always talking to strangers, we can't follow people we find interesting to answer their questions...

      I'm sure this is why people are leaving so much lately, even the heavy users.

    • Honestly, I prefer the privacy. It allows me to be more honest than I would with people I got to know a bit.

  • I've had to make mine private before as well. I don't prefer to do that but it's because the creepers on here will not only send you messages (which I turned off by the way) but they will go to your answers and ask you to talk to them or to follow them back so they can PM you. They also will go to your questions and answer rudely towards you. I've had some take my profile picture and post it under "how do I look" without my permission because they were mad that I wouldn't send them photos.

    To make your profile private on here isn't an unreasonable thing to do in the first place and it's definitely not an unreasonable thing to do after some of the encounters a lot of us have had on this site.

    I also agree with your last sentence, they need to remove the "how do I look" section in my opinion, for various reasons lol.

    • That "how do I look" section should be kept, as a dumping spot to put all those types of questions! :-P

    • lol, good point. But still I think it's disturbing how people can post pictures of other people without their permission. People do it with their family members as well.

  • no clue really I've only seen 5 private profiles

  • I think the majority are private. 8/10 times I click on a profile, it's private

  • I haven't gone private but I adjusted so only my followers could message me.


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  • I see more all the time. I hope that the offensive inappropriate suspicious pms decrease in volume. They are a big cause of people going private.

    • Don't people know you can control who can PM you without going private?

    • I'd hope so, but I guess a private profile is easier for some.