Do you think we could open a topic exclusively for graphic or explicit question?

Sometimes people may really need to ask some questions that might involve graphic or explicit questions, although they do not have such intention, but curretnly it is banned on this site and those questions will be removed.

Should we open such a topic? I think we need it.


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  • i don't think they r banned bro,... r u sure?

    • I know some questions were removed because of explicit words (non-insulting). I experienced that.

    • happened a few times in my case as well but not often

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What Girls Said 1

  • It would be too controversial and too many people would be offended.

    • That is why I think there should be an exclusive and separate topic for that.

    • Even so, it would be too controversial. It would never work out. The mods/admin would spend more time moderating that section than any other.

What Guys Said 1

  • Minors would lie about their age to get on topic - I honestly have no interest in any sex questions

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