How much can a mytake earn you?

I never allowed comments and it was in anonymous mode. It was promoted.

I got 84 xper points.


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  • "How can I earn Xper points?"
    For myTakes:
    - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
    - myTake is Promoted (you will receive a message; blue/pink lightbulb) +50
    - myTake is Featured (you will receive a message for this) +150
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +3
    - myTake gets more than 10 Followers +10

    • It still doesn't answer the question though. I got 84 points then it went to 91 points. I got no one following my take.

    • Sorry, I only know so much about how Xper is calculated out, and it doesn't help that I have no idea what the Take is, how much attention it got, or what your activity on other Takes is. You can get a general idea of how much Xper you can earn based on what's listed in the FAQ, but that's about it.

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  • I have never done mytake unfortunately


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