Part II: Do you believe it would be beneficial for GAG if we followed this pattern about Xper points?

Part I:

So, since GAG’s a business somewot…. do u believe if we followed this pattern I x-plain there bout opinions and MHOs when it comes to Xper points…would it affect GAG (money-wise) positively or negatively?

I tend 2 believe positively, yet some people disagree from wot i've seen... so wot would u vote?

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  • This is a positive approach which would affect GAG negatively because thus is business :( unfortunately.

    by the way I love that you are raising your voice. I felt alone when I used to state such things and people used to criticise me and told me things like I can't change the society and I'm short tempered person who is just ranting, but I was not. I was cool.

    But now, I'm happy that people are thinking this way especially the Xper king himself. I'm not alone now 😇

    • thanks bro i'm glad 2 see we r thinkin da same way... but take back "Xper king" title coz i'm not.
      if we go wid my suggested pattern i'm not even on da top 10

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    • by the way, i remember u were mentionin this 1 xtra Xper, people get when they post 1st should b abolished. couldn't agree more. ok bout keepin 1 Xper/opinion, but this xtra point's USELESS... most people would use this option in order 2 get more Xper, yet postin some unhelpful comment, just in order 2 b 1st and get their xtra

    • Of course. I believe that they will abolish this in future just like they did with "submit opinion within 15 minutes".


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think it would impact them negatively, because most people don't want to put in so much effort to fight with others for MHO's. So a lot of people would probably leave the site, and GaG would probably go out of business lol.

    • so most users care bout rewards and only?

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    • I know :D but still fun to see you guys discussing..

    • @zell0is0my0name nope, we were just havin a conv i don't like arguin wid people here

  • Most people would be to lazy to go for MHO and the other things. Since That would take more creative writing and knowing things. Plus other people are picky so you might not get MHO a lot. So it would probably kill a lot of people having fun on here.

    • ok then... we could add some other options for Xper gatherin... for x-ample u'll get 5 xtra points, if yer opinion will get more than 10 upvotes, even if it won't go for MHO. gettin 10 upvotes at least

      sth dat should b abolished in my opinion and should b abolished 1st, is this 1 xtra Xper we get from postin an opinion 1st. how's dat a success? usually when people post 1st it means they've made a quick not-so-helpful comment. so this 1 xtra's useless. also selectin MHO gives u 2 xtra points. WTF? isn't it weird? another useless option for Xper gatherin.

      ok bout keepin 1 Xper/opinion then... but this "1 xtra" feature should b abolished.

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    • MHOs were 10 points before but dat was really shitty... since opinions would give u 3 points each, instead of one. not 2 mention bout rewards being costed less. anyway... it's a REALLY good thing they went prizes up. so people won't abush Xper system anymore

  • Power to the users !!!


What Guys Said 2

  • I would say neutral marketwise shortterm because there still would be same number of users but I think usage would change away from current patterns

    • Pressed wrong button * Short term - I would personally favour a upgrade to turkish GaG standards.

  • This would take away the incentive to stay on the site for 90% of the people. So no.

    • true dat, but still... do u believe GAG should pay those who "piss" on people questions either insultin em anonymously, or post some advice just for da points?

      that's another reason i don't wanna spend anymor points for myself, and instead give those points to people who worth 'em

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