Why doesn't the block feature hide blocked users' answers?

I've always wondered why blocking someone doesn't hide their answers on other questions. Say you've blocked someone because their opinions are harsh/antagonizing and you see them everywhere, that kind of defeats the purpose, no? I get that they can't vote/message/reply/answer YOUR questions, but it'd still be nice if, after blocking someone, you don't see their opinions anymore.

Alternatively, am I just unaware of a feature that already does this?

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  • There is a feture in the setting that is supposed to do that. Apparently it does sweet F all.


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  • I wish there was a way to simply turn off notifications on a certain question!! That way it's not a constant reminder all the time to go back to the same people who are being belligerent about something, when discussions lose their footing.

    I have had plenty of great discussions with people about some things, but then we butt heads in other questions about other things. I wouldn't have necessarily wanted to block the person for everything - just that one topic or question that went nowhere or led to some careless things said.

    My only option is to block when things like that happen so I quit seeing the notifications, otherwise, I wouldn't be blocking anyone at all.

    But you're right there should also be something more to privacy - something where you not just stop notifications on a question or comment, but if someone is harassing you or following you around on the site to keep downvoting you (it happened to me a couple times before I made my profile private, someone just went around to all my comments and did a mass downvoting on everything they could see within minutes). A block feature on one person, and their entire profile would have been better. They don't see me, I don't see them. Sites like Facebook, Goodreads, Imdb, and many others all allow this sort of privacy. This site for sure should have it.

    I don't think reporting is warranted, because it's not like they should be kicked off the site if you have a personality conflict with someone. People have their reasons, and there should be two new ways you can protect yourself here: 1) with turning off topic/comment notifications, and 2) blocking profiles.

    I'd go a step further and allow blocking of some Anonymous if I so choose. If I see the same twerp that posts over and over again anonymously about how he hates being short for eating so much rice, I'd love to just be able to block by the name Anonymous, so that anything he posts on his public profile or anonymous one will all disappear from my feed.

  • It would be AWESOME if that could be added to the block feature. If I block someone, I don't want to see anything they post.

    I know nothing about coding etc... though so I don't know how feasible it is.

    • The real problem with block, isn't really you can't or won't see them.

      The real problem is the violation of their freedom to comment on something you have said, I can read.

      For instance if you blocked Nuqood, and stated he suck, then he can't reply and state why he doesn't suck, and all I can see is you said he suck and he didn't reply to you insult. That's passivaggressivenes and the actually problem with the present implementation of the blocking feature.

      If you block someone it should be a filter for you only, then others, and as it is, it's a global filter - not ok at all, in a way it's a violation of the freedom of expression - although localised to GaG.

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    • @oracle12c @Nuqood

      Sorry I must have seen Nuqood's post right before oracle12c posted so there is some agreement there now XD

    • @BellePepper "If someone blocks you because "they can't handle the truth!" or whatever, they're not hurting you" is what he was addressing. I think he interpreted it in the context of "The way the block feature is set is fine, who cares that you can't respond to my comment despite being able to see it". It just seems like a lot of miscommunication going on; You're both on the same page, both of you just can't seem to communicate it properly.

      He and yourself are both for blocked people's posts being hidden, there was just a bump in the road.

  • I wish that were an option. There is one specific person whose answers and name I would loved to be eliminated from my feed. Every time I see it just reminds me of how stupid I was trusting this person.

  • It's so that you can never truly escape from them. You must forever be reminded of their existance.
    Plus if someone replied to them and they had a back and forth that would be weird if it just didn't show their comments I mean t he curiosity and unknowing. Sheesh it coukd drive someone bonkers

  • Why would that be a thing? Just don't answer it if you don't like the user obviously.

  • It would be nice to not see their answers as well once they're blocked.


What Guys Said 5

  • Personally I can overlook other people's answers I just hate when the same person keeps replying to my answers to antagonize me and call me stupid for being white, Christian, straight, etc. There are some users on here who never give good advice and barely answer questions themselves, but they constantly reply to other users trying to start arguments.

  • There are two kinds of blocking of forums:

    1.-Block a person from answering the blocker
    2.-Hide a member's posts for the blocker

    G@g did chose # 1
    Why? Beats me.

    • Mods can hide posts from everyone (but not their own posts)
      Admins usually can hide and delete and block from posting.

  • I don't know if I'd like this feature so much. With the people on here I don't like, sometimes they post horrible things one day, and good things the next.

  • Your suggestion is downright stupid.

    Let's say you blocked me for stating my opinion - you don't like my opinion or the way I expressed it.

    Then you go to some other question/take and you see 1/2 of a conversation, you do see user X but not my responses etc.., then you see something that doesn't make sense at all.

    No body is forcing you to read my responses, just ignore them, you don't need yet another feature for - a feature that will cause more harm than not.

    • You wouldn't see 'one half of the conversation' unless you commented on someone else's opinion. You posting your opinion would be unseen, thus hiding the entire thread. If I'm averse to your opinion to the point of blocking you, why would I want to see it everywhere? It's not as stupid as you're trying to make it sound.

    • Well it have to be the entire thread then, because otherwise as I said it won't make sense at all to half a thread.

    • I find the down votes particularly interesting, female profiles only - a hint this might be en "emotional" response more than anything.

      I bet most if not all of the women who downvoted me have already block me by now, for simply saying what I just did - passiveagressive women puhh and GaG support this crowed and their mentality... oh my

  • You can keep them from showing up on your feed, but it would probably take a lot of work code wise to keep their opinions and stuff off actual questions.

    • I've seen on a lot of other forums a feature that acts like a censor, where it says "This user is blocked" and has an option to show/hide the post. Perhaps that would work better? Just hide the post and give the person who blocked them the choice to either see the opinion or move along?

    • GAG does like to change things all the time, so maybe they'll come up with something like that eventually.

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