Whats a MyTake?

Im a newbie so I don't know much :(


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  • myTakes are basically blogs or just things that fellow GaGers want people to see... I recently became an editor myself (which is a title you get for making several myTakes and getting them featured a bunch of times) and I actually just made a myTake on how to improve your myTakes. Other people can still comment on it and stuff, but there's no MHO or anything. If your myTake gets promoted then you get 50 Xper points, featured it gets 150 more points (plus the 50 you already got from it getting promoted so if it's featured you get a total of 200 points). myTakes can be anything from a rant about a certain topic, to a list of some sort, to pretty much anything you want. And if a lot of your myTakes become featured and/or promoted then GaG will recognize you for it and give you the title of editor (you can only see it when you're in a myTake or on their profile, it doesn't appear in questions). Editor's myTakes are automatically promoted, which means they show it around GaG more, and if it's featured they show it around GaG even more. Of course they can unpromote something they don't like and etc, etc.


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  • See 4th FAQ on this link

  • Its basically a big ass lengthy post, usually containing perky pictures and gifs made by someone to tell their opinion on a subject, Do not think they are a ''This article is correct'' thing ;P.
    For example, Some feminists post lovely posts about equality
    But then Some radical feminiazi's post men hating rants with lies and angry bulshit.
    If you read a take, Just remember, The things they say are their opinion, And may not be correct ;).

  • It used to be called "Stories" or "Articles" back on the old GAG.

    So it's essentially an article that you write about stuff that doesn't really pose a question, it just states data.


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