How to increase my xper level but my xp is 124?


Most Helpful Girl

  • - Signup +10
    - Login per day +5
    - Set Relationship Status +10
    - Set Occupation +10
    - Upload Custom Avatar +10 (first time only)
    - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +25
    - Birthday +25 - If you are Followed by another member +1
    - Ask a Question +1
    - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for your Question +2
    - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
    - myTake is Promoted (you will receive a message; blue/pink lightbulb) +50
    - myTake is Featured (you will receive a message for this) +150
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +3
    - myTake gets more than 10 Followers +10
    - Connect Facebook Account +100
    - Connect Google+ Account +100
    - Share your Opinion on a Question +1
    - You got Most Helpful Award +5
    - Your Opinion is the first Opinion from your gender +1
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured Question +1
    - Vote on a Featured Poll +2

    By the way, it takes about 24h until your xper points change. :p


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What Girls Said 5

  • To increase your xper level, you need to ask and answer more questions, as well as leaving comments on everything :)

    • I am doing that by my xper is not increasingly

    • It doesn't change each time you gain xper, if that's what you mean. The numbers change once every day, so if you're trying to watch it go up each time you do something, then it won't look like it's improving.

  • Answer more questions meaningfully. Askers see through that and unless they have favoritism with other GaGers, ir they find them attractive, you're will get MHOs. The more MHOs you get, the more likely GaG will award points on your user account. I just got 100 ponts for getting 44% MHOs on the questions I answered last week

  • Ask questions, answer more questions... keep answering more questions...

  • Why are level 1ers asking these questions. It's obvious, interact with the site! Everything you need to know is in the FAQ's.

  • Two basic ways:
    1. stay here all the time asking and answering question, and writing MyTakes
    2. Spend slightly less time on here but write lengthy meaningful answers so you can get a high MHO percentage


What Guys Said 2

  • MHOs really help boost your xper level. Since you get 5 points for MHO and 1 point for answering a question, that significantly speeds up your points. Plus if you get 'most helpful' for a week, you get 100 points. That helps immensely. It takes a little longer to write something for each answer, but it will help you in the long run.

    Also, you should ask a bunch of interesting questions each day (until your limit runs out). That way, when you pick an MHO, you get points for it. Not to mention you get nice advice from the community on whatever question you ask. Well, good luck! I'm sure you'll be a Guru in less than a year of hard work :D

    P. S. If you are in it for the amazon giftcard, all I can say is good luck. That takes 6000+ questions answered (depending on your MHO%). It's not worth answering questions just for it.

  • Spam nonsense all day every day. I don't understand what is so important about xper level.

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