GaGers, What do I have to do to become a mod?

I received a message that I can become and apply for mod, so yayyy!! but how?


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  • Here is the different types of mods you will start out at the bottom as a regular mod then if you do well at that you will have the opportunity to move up to the other mod positions.

    Moderators make recommendations on what content to remove from the site. They can temporarily hide content that violates our Terms of Service, and the admins then decide if the content should remain on the site or if it should be removed.

    Moderators can Hide Opinions and Comments.
    Super Moderators can Hide Questions, Question Updates, Takes, Opinions, and Comments and correct topics.
    Uber Moderators can Hide Questions, Question Updates, Takes, Opinions, and Comments and correct topics. UberMods can also temporarily freeze member accounts in cases of consistent infringement.

    You are judged on your success ratio. If you maintain a high percentage of reports to removals you will maintain your mod status and looked at to be moved up in the mod ranks. You have to become familiar with the rules. Since you got the email from the site that means all you have to do is respond and they will send you an email with details of what to do next.

    • like do I have to reply on the email thread or have to message GirlsAskGuys?

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    • yes if you could recommend me for it, that'll be great.

    • Try contacting xHoneyxBeex she's always a ton of help and very nice

  • @yourfutureex explain it... Lol

  • Well, congrats. :) I am a mod as well but not on English site. You can say a simple "yes". You will become a moderator who can hide opinions and opinion comments. :)

    • okay thank you so much, so it's okay if I say yes on the email thread?

    • Yes but there will be things you should not do as moderator, the gag system will tell you what they are. (e. g. don't be in discussion with anyone) sorry for English

  • All you need to do is reply to the @GirlsAskGuys user on whether you take up on the offer or not.

    • cool, which mod I'll become and what I've to do as a mod?

    • will I get to block people's account lol?

    • Well technically this applies if you received the message.

      You'll probably start out as a "Moderator". Then they might increase your status and you'll become a Super Moderator, and then they might increase it to Uber Moderator. It mostly depends on the successful removal of the posts you hide.

  • They will send you out a manual