How do I become an editor, and/or get my takes promoted?


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  • well you've got to write a lot of good myTakes. The thing is, its difficult to really judge what a "good" myTake is in the eyes of the people who decide who becomes an editor or not. It's very easy to get a myTake promoted, and it almost seems like there are no standards as to what is promoted and what isn't. I've also noticed that there are quite a few more female editors than there are male ones, even though i've read a few myTakes by men that were pretty good. So there's that. All i can tell you is write on the things that you're passionate about, as you're most likely to write them better versus writing on something you are only kind of interested in. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to get promoted to editor though!


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  • Your mytakes must be promoted regularly for you to become a editor.
    They must be well written and interesting .
    If you keep writing good takes its only a matter of time before the admins recognize your work and allow you to gain an editor status.

    As easily as the editor status is given, is as quickly as it can be taken away.
    You must continue to write good quality mytakes and be active in that section of gag.

    I just gained an editor status yesterday.

    • So, why do so many bad/innaccurate takes get promoted?

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    • Correction - they will only be promoted when u gain ur status.

    • Automatically

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  • then u must post takes often, and those takes should b liked by admins, so they'll go promoted.
    once u go editor takes will b promoted automatically.
    as for gettin takes promoted... i cannot say anything... there must b liked by admins. but don't post any stuff like "yesterday i masturbated 10 times in a row" otherwise they'll never get promoted

  • There is a section in the Help about this but a google search will give you more information.