GAG V/S other social networking sites (if other mention the name ) ?


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  • A thing and a question people sometimes ask is this. Is GAG better than Yahoo Answers? I actually talked about this earlier with someone via message :D

    GAG. If I was asked that question 10 times, 11/10 times I'm going to answer GAG. GAG is the right answer.
    I'll put it this way... If GAG is a reputable social media sight, Yahoo answers is the 4Chan.
    1.) I can actually message cool people.
    2.) The points mean something.
    3.) The site layout actually makes sense
    4.) Way less trolls on GAG, and higher quality answers since people actually care -- well, uhh, for the most part

    I've been on various social network sites and various question sites, and GAG is by far the best one I've seen with the best people on it too.

    • You know what this is not you're class test :p you can write in short I'll not cut your mark :p

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    • Haha ! You're user name should be elaborateman :p instead of dangerdoge

    • Perhaps, but I'm just too obsessed with doge and Shiba Inu dogs to have that name xD

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  • GAG is the best of them all.

    • hmm yes it is but at times cuz if I wanna talk to my friend I'll prefer fb or whatsapp... not sure in your case

  • basically every single other social networking site is better than this website I don't know why I am on here, it's funny how dumb people can be I guess.

    • Yup agree :p but GAG is something different

    • Yes deffinitely different as its whole purpose is to exchange opinions and help people in the process. Or jut to have fun too :D. Other social media dont allow us to get as much help. Are not as focused in helping people

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  • I only use GaG but compared to past expierence GaG much better than FB or other social sites I have been on.