Why do my questions that have anything to do with anything sexual here on GaG get removed?

Okay, so I'm 16 and in my country, Canada, I'm at the legal age of consent to have sexual relations. It's not like my questions have links to porn in them -.- Usually they're questions that say how to surprise my boyfriend in bed or whatever. Nothing sexually explicit. And if you are the one reporting them, please stop right this instant.


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  • The posting guidelines are clear on this issue. If your are under 18, the site cannot leave your explicit content posted. You can ask and answer questions that will benefit your health and wellness, but you cannot be graphic.

    My suggestion is to look over the posting guidelines under adult content. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts

    • I was not extremely graphic. I mentioned vaginal intercourse but that was about it.

    • *shrugs* it can depend on a lot of different aspects so it's impossible to say "this is specifically why this question was removed". Like I said, look over the posting guidelines and keep them in mind when you post so you're less likely to have things removed.

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  • Dont worry about it.

    Probably just some fucking 30 year old assclown who is sexualy frustrated and jeleous at the fact you're fucking at 16 and going full bitch mode and just getting everything you post deleted outa spite.


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  • Oh do they really get deleted,? didn't know
    Now I feel like testing it out by asking one myself

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