Can mods or editors see who anonymous posters are?

Just curious


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  • No, only the admins can.

    Editors - Are those who write very well written mytakes.
    When you gain this status your mytakes and automatically promoted (instead of having to wait for it to be promoted by admins).

    Moderators - There are different levels (Super, Uber and Regular moderator). We cannot see who anonymous users are.
    Only the Admin can.
    But they have the ability to see who is who for professional purposes (not invading ones privacy), but reducing the trolls in this community.


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  • Only Administrators can see your anonymous post and can actually see who it is
    i got mixed feelings on it too i think anonymous post being saw by Administrators is
    invasion of privacy.

    • I guess so it depends on why they would check or if they can see it by default

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    • I think that is a great idea

    • Thank you :)
      Yeah something needs done :D

  • I think only admins can

  • No they cannot only admins

  • Gag has editors?

    • From the FAQ

      "What is an Editor on GAG?

      Editors are GAG users who have consistently written informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes. When a user is awarded Editor status, all of the myTakes they write will be instantly promoted. Like always, 50 xper points will be earned for every promoted myTake and 150 xper points will be earned for each featured myTake! Featured myTakes are myTakes that the admins select to be highlighted at the top of the myTakes page and on the SiteFeed. The admin staff still reviews the published content and then will make the decision to "feature" it on the homepage or un-promote the myTake. To become an Editor, keep writing great myTakes!"

  • Only @Redrain and other admins can see us? Am right?


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