Who's the nicest gager you know?

It would take a day for me to list them all down. What about you?


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  • I am like you - I wouldn't dare tag them for fear of leaving someone out


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  • I don't talk to (or pm) anyone on gag, but those that I've came across, all of them is nice, otherwise I would have blocked them already. But I'll tag a few lol

    @Genie23 - I think it's impossible anyone could be offended by her, she's so kind πŸ’™
    @Lissy967 - She's a really nice person (are you afraid of spiders?) πŸ’œ
    @MissNowhere - She's very nice and interesting πŸ’š

    • thank youuu <3

    • You always put a smile on my face, girly. <3 You're kind and beautiful! :)

    • Thank you so much! And aw yay, I got the purple heart emoji πŸ’œ Y E S, spiders really scare me. I know that they are harmless but still 😢

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