Would a guy go against you on purpose if he likes you? ps he's 19 yo?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Go against? A little vague are we? In a general sense yes. It depends on how he perceives you. Think about it. Does he think he'd get more attention from you if he "goes against you," does it set him apart from the rest, do a lot of guys not "go against you." A lot of girls think it's a douchebag move, but is it really? Even a better question: Do you "go against" him?
    I'm assuming you're still in high school based on your age group so it is EXTREMELY likely that he likes you, unless he has a vendetta for you and is looking to kill you but that's only a 40% chance.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i voted maybe... if a guy really likes you i think he should be honest and gives you his own point of view (even if it might be against yours)


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  • explain the situation. go against you on what?

    • For eg: when I say yes he will say no. And he said everything I say he must go against me

    • hmm... sounds like playful flirting to me. i think he's trying to tease you to show you he's fun and playful (like he's hoping you like him). sounds similar to how i play around with all my friends male and female. sounds like you're all good! n_n

    • i see. thanks for telling me haha

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