What is the recommended/ideal pixel size of avatar?

I have tried various pics but the site decreases the quality of the pics and make them blurry. What should be the maximum pixel size of the avatar to keep the pics in pristine quality?


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  • I just used a phone selfie and that worked so I suppose whatever pixel they are.


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  • O_o Blurry? But your avatar is sooo clear on my S4 ! :- D
    And you look so bright and shiny in that suit. Nice!

    • Haha thanks.

      It is extremely blurry as compared to the original one. Not just this one, but all of my previous pics became blurry after uploading :/

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    • @Same to you asker, as well. You girls are so kind and benevolent that I don't know whether you really mean it or is it just your natural generosity.

      See my answer in :

    • Okay... okay... I agree :- )

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