I'm new to this site and I wanted to know what are "Xper points" and what can I do with them?


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  • Xper points are points you receive through various means
    eg. posting a question, answering a question, having a certain amount
    of people post on your question, etc.

    Xper points will also level up your account which gives you access to
    new features, such as sending private messages (lv2) or posting more questions
    after Xper lv7, ads won't show on this site anymore.

    Xper points can also be used to redeem rewards, such as
    the much wanted amazon gift card.

    Rest assured though, spending Xper points to redeem
    rewards, won't have you lose levels. ^.^

    Any other questions can be found
    in the FaQ that the lovely @zombiebabe linked for you.


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  • It is points u earn by given opinions and asking questions. U can redeem them for certain prizes once u meet the requirement points for an item

  • Buy things that they have. Amazon card, shirt, tgi Friday gift card, and no ads

  • They are points you get from sharing opinions, sharing MYTakes etc


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