Is anyone else having problems with tagging asker?

Whenever I'm commenting on someone's opinion and am trying to mention asker, so @Asker , it sometimes ends up mentioning some random person named Asker.

They are a deactivated xper 3, but it is just a bit annoying I'm constantly mentioning someone else besides asker. I know the real asker gets a notification anyway for the comment, but it still grinds my gears to see this happening.

Am I alone in this feeling?


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  • You shouldn't mention @asker or @opinion owner. They are (were) in fact, users of the site. Most of the people mention @asker and the new users see and follow their activity and that's why a lot of people are misled that we should mention @asker.

    Whenever you will post anything on the question, the asker will get the notification.
    So, you should write it simply as
    Asker - [the message]
    (Without the @ sign)

    For more information regarding how to mention properly, please read the point number 1 of this take

    Good luck :)

    • I read it-- very good info. I wish I read it when I first got here instead of figuring out most of the stuff with skimming the faq and following what people did.

      I kind of feel bad for whoever asker and opinion were, because they most of gotten so many notifications xD

    • Thanks a lot.

      I believe the site admins created those accounts or banned them and provided them a new username. :)

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  • You don't actually need to tag the asker. They see all the activity on their questions and takes.

  • I bet @Asker has thousands of notifications


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  • I always found it funny how people
    still tries to pointlessly tag the asker to get them
    to notice their comment.

    But oh well, people have the right
    to be how they wan't.. ^.^

    • Lol, I saw other people did so I just assumed it worked. Guess I was wrong xD

      My whole life is a lie. Pardon me as I go and rethink it for a bit.

    • I don't hold it against you, or any other people
      who does it, I mean, it makes sense that people
      would believe it to work.

      Guess the site doesn't make it obvious
      that it doesn't. ^.^

  • well you are not ACTUALLY mention the question asker when you type @asker.

    the reason @asker gets tagged is because there is an actual username account, whether deactivated or not, that is named "asker". if there were no account by that name then it would just be plain print, no highlight.

    • Hmm, I thought that it actually mentions asker. Like particularly when it is anonymous and you want to get the asker's attention.

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    • This question just made me feel like an idiot for asking haha.
      I saw people doing it before so I just assumed it worked 😅

    • lol its all good, I do it when there are multiple people chatting on my post so people don't get confused who im ripping on and who im joking with lol

  • I was getting same problem so I stopped tagging asker - If I had to tag I would use the asker's proper username

  • As others have said, Asker is an actual user name. I realized it when trying to refer to a male asker yet the text was pink. Upon further research, I found out it indeed was a user account. The admins should never have allowed it to be issued so it could be used in the matter you tried and many users expect it to work.

  • I just do this man "#ASKER " and call it a day LOL

  • That is why you don't tag asker. Tag the actual user of the asing GaGer.