Why can't we change the time &date?

why can't we change the time abd date in our profiles to our local time and date?
im from Nz and we are 3-18 hours ahead of most places in the world and id like to see when (nzst) people are messaging or sharing opinions

if anyone knows of a way id love to here how ;)


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  • At the start it threw me a bit but now I am used to it - I know I am 5 hrs ahead of GaG - It would be confusing say I msged you and you opened it up and you would have to think did he sent that Irish time, GaG time or NZ time - Better have one time across board.


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  • You can't change the time and date, it's frustrating.

    By the way @applefan1, @nickstaa and I are all from NZ too :)


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  • Same!! Its kinda annoying sometimes

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