How do you get your questions to be viewed again after they were posted weeks or a month ago?

I don't want to post the same question again, but is there a different way?
Is there a time frame when your questions will be put to the top of a list?
Or is that what "featured" is for?


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  • You get your question featured for 750 Xper points.

    • if my score is 1,000 pts will I have 250 left and be back at the restrictions of a low level Xper?

    • No you keep your total - There is a secondary total called Redeemable Points that drops 750.

    • Though if you are saving for a reward that total drops 750 as well but you stay at same level.

  • All I know is I want some people to answer my damn question, but no one sees it so I barely get answers (hint hint)

  • post the link here then

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