So is there a limit on how many times an opinion gets removed that I made, before I get my account deleted?

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  • I'm pretty sure there isn't a definite limit, and it probably also depends on why your opinion was removed.

    • It was labeled as nonsense so I guess thats ok

    • Then I'd say so :) I'd assume that something being removed for nonsense would be looked at more leniently than adult content.

    • Sweet thanks!!

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What Girls Said 2

  • I want to believe very very hard that there is. Just inferring I think it depends on severity, frequency, and repetition. Like if you post many nonsense posts after being warned x many times, I believe you will be banned. But even then it seems like some people are only banned for short amounts of time while others are banned longer. It really depends I think.

    Here's a link to the posting guidelines and please do your best to follow them so we don't lose the pleasure of your company

    • I appreciate it I just sometimes post stuff with the way my mind flows I am just concerned if I get banned that is all. I have only gotten 2 opinions removed so I dunno..

    • Just do your best and that's all anyone can hope for :)

  • It's subject to the whim of GAG admin.


What Guys Said 2

  • Depends on content of opinion as you say I the nonsense ones probably aren't counted.

  • Actually, I don't really know. Opinions are removed at the whims of moderators. It's totally biased and subjective.

    • Moderators don't remove opinions. We hide them. You can see what moderators can do what on the FAQ

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    • Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree. There should be a recourse to understand EXACTLY why an opinion is removed and some due process...

    • Yeah I agree there should be some debate and reasoning if my account is going to get banned