Should blocking a user make all posts from them invisible to you?

Recent sponsored posts by GlassesUSA make me want this feature more than ever. When I block someone (which is rare), I really don't care to see anything they post ever again.


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  • That's what I was hoping. Apparently not. I really want them to implement this feature - and yes I hate the ads.


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  • Yeah i agree they should things are getting rough with paying bills for keeping
    the site upgraded plus they got pay for servers , they recently raised the X-per to
    7000 for Amazon gift cards soon i look for them to offer cheaper prizes and do away
    with the gift cards but they got people on here under more than 1 account and they
    never catch them but we work our butt off to help people who need problems solved
    but i do agree i have so many people whose harassed me on Opinions or try
    starting arguments i had to block them. They need a better system here too
    some of the explicit posting / questions being asked this is like a low grade
    adult website and they got people under 18 on here it's like they don't know
    them things but we live in a corrupted enough world ,

    • You were a very close runner up for MHO. They should just admit their issues and be up front with people. I'll have more to say on this issue in this thread, hopefully within a couple of days.

    • Now that I've cashed out my reward points, I'll be deleting my account. This site has become a dumpster fire. I see too many mods of all levels commenting on questions which should be deleted, and frequently eventually are, because they violate the posting guidelines. Then there's the constant problem with trolling, abuse of the anonymous feature, and underage posters, some of whom admit in their posts that they they lied about their ages but nothing ever gets done about it. Now they spring this advertising thinly disguised as "sponsored posts" nonsense on us. Fuck it. I'm done with GAG. Good luck to all of you as this site continues spiraling into the ground.

  • Yes I would agree with that but I think sponsored posts will have a anti block on them the way some online videos have where you have to watch ads.

  • If his posts are invisible, there's no need to block him, unless you block him as a kind of revenge for contradicting you.

    That's why an 'ignore' would be better than the 'Block' G@g uses.

    • It would eliminate many Anonymous too.

    • On most other sites, a "block" works the way you describe "ignore." Why GAG decided to implement their block in this way indeed makes me want to gag.