Can you really have your question removed just because of Grammar?

so i was reporting someone and noticed "Grammar" in the options

like really?
not everyone here is a native speaker...
you can really have your questions removed because your English is not perfect?


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  • Questions, opinions and comments are removed under the "GRAMMAR" rule if:
    1.) your content is written exclusively in a non-English language
    2.) your content is so grammatically broken that it is impossible to comprehend, and most opinions and responses are "sorry I have zero clue what you are saying because your sentence lacks coherence, structure or words"

    Usually it's the first one, though.

    • Glad you found that helpful! :D

      The official FAQ-based answer is the following (from ):

      ""Grammar – If your post has so many abbreviations or spelling/grammar mistakes that it cannot be understood, it will be removed. Also, please remember to post only in English. We do have a Turkish site: KizlarSoruyor. com, a Spanish site: EllasSaben. com, and a Portuguese site: ElasSabem. com.
      For example, `i wld luv tht 2 b awsm.` will be removed.""

    • thanks ! :D

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  • IF U ASC A QSTION LKE THIS, like in all caps and bad grammar, that is what the grammar flag is for.
    Bad grammar is not bad by itself, but when it becomes totally not readable or if they do friggin caps lock, I see the grammar flag as ok.

    • oh well if thats the case then its fine

      i thought it was like for stuff like "he go" or "they does" i was like comeeeee ooooonn

    • Nah, I've answered questions like that before. I would only flag if I can't read it at all after trying to translate it. If someone says "he go," one can usually understand the intention of what they were meaning at least

  • I think it's terrible to report someone for grammar especially when they don't know English very well or have a learning disability and can't type too good , i always get
    patronize for my poor grammar well i can't help it i try my best ,

    • pssshhhh you are fiiiiiiiine ignore them
      who cares lol

      but yea according to most replies it only gets removed if its impossible to understand or all caps or something :)

  • I think the grammar is a catch all reason to stop non English posts.

  • I think they mean grammar as in inappropriate grammar. Things like (noob gobbler)

  • If it's nonsense, yes.

    Also, I don't know how foreign languages are getting through


What Girls Said 2

  • no.. none of my question has ever been removed.. but yes.. questions do get removed because of grammar..

    • me neither but the option itself wow lol

      but someone said it was for like really stupid grammar like i crei everitim or ALL CAPSLOCK or stuff like that
      if thats the case then i guess its fine lol

    • yes.. it is for really really very very bad grammar.. when the gagers cannot understand what asker is trying to say,,

  • I think they might be meaning the foul language of others.

    Someone asked a question which is rude, or maybe the grammer is beyond terrible.

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