Anyone you get along with on GaG?

So I've noticed that a few people seemed to get along so I wondered iif a lot of you have certain people you like talking to here? Why do you like them? Or do these people know each other offline.
Tag is encouraged :) :) :) :)



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  • omg is a long list!!

    -mooky06 my babes!! <3
    -Genie23- sister/ also I talk to her outside of GAG <3
    -llorando a cool dude 8)
    -BelleGirl21 she's my sister <3 and she also makes me feel pretty :)
    -CHARismatic110 she's also my sister <3
    -linkywinky <3
    -YazanAA he's my ex :P
    -AleDeEurope he's my platonic friend <3
    -klaatu51 also a cool dude <3
    -BertMacklinFBI my lover, my swiftie <3
    -akadatank44 we don't talk that much but he's my bully <3
    -Rcjh1987 also my sister <3
    -KDA20 love his advices
    -Ozanne I love her myTakes <3
    -anon1999 he's a sexy minion
    -XNicholeMariex3 my nichole!! she always makes me smile! <3
    -Paris13 I just started talking to her, such a sweetheart
    -SolitaireBond speaking of sweetheart, here's another sweetheart <3
    -EmphatethicLady I'm also starting to know her, she's so sweet :)
    -HookingSwam she's awesome!
    -Alexious he's such a cutie <3
    -Omar5881 we have a very dangerous relationship <3
    -Toad-1 love his questions, specially when the avengers are involved :D
    -BellePepper the nicest GAG user I know!
    -DodgersGM love his opinions! he's super nice
    -Iron_Man he's a nice friend!
    -I_am_repulsive another nice friend :D
    -Justbanannaz she's my friend <3
    -emerald77 my love!! <3
    -zorro8888 <3
    -GirlsLie love the fact that she's a gamer, and she's so nice
    -Illusive_man I want to be as cool as he is :(
    -Stacyzee love her questions <3

    well, I don't think there's someone I don't get along with on this site!!

    Asker I told you it was a long list and I think I'm forgetting someone and I feel bad for that :(


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  • Yeah I do in fact, but no offence, people like you and people who post anonymously destroys the web site. It's like talking to a blank wall with most of the opinions I send in to anonymously posted questions.

    Just talking to people and discussing things is a lot better than message hundreds of people privately and just take part in boring small talk.
    And I can help people out as well as make friends
    Not possible when people post anonymously

    Why post anonymously anyway. If you don't want people to know its you asking then why are you on the site, and if for a lot of questions are embarrassed, not this one, about asking it should you really ask or give that opinion.

    Hope this helps...

  • Yep, here are a few I get along with on G@G, tho their are more I'm forgetting :D.
    @Genie23 @chocolateismylover @Klaatu51 @ BelleGirl21 @cl_517 @douride2

  • @cl_517

    And a ton of other people but these are the ones I talk to the most.

  • I'd like to think that I get.. somehwhat, along with
    most of the people here.

    But there's a few, that has similar mindsets to me
    in some cases, at least.

    I couldn't possibly tag all of them
    but I'm sure you all know who you are! ^.^

  • i get along wid most GAGers more or less... xcept those anon-trolls. i xchange PMs wid some of 'em pretty often or e-mails wid those who left GAG

  • In time you will meet people build up a friendship base - Nothing mystical about it - You keep bumping into each other on questions - You have convo then you start to PM each other and a friendship starts - Don't worry it will happen soon for you.

  • I chat with any user who is sociable and open (as in actually engaged with me, not 1-2 word responses).

    I talk to quite a few users here! Easily 15+.

  • I get along with a few people on here
    One for advice
    All of them because of common interests and having the same way of thinking
    Some are really interesting, and sure get you thinking for a while
    some are funny

    I can go on and on

  • Well I don't know anyone offline from GAG but there are some people that I share very similar opinions with on certain topics.

  • I like to think I get along with every one so far. I mean I've not gotten into any arguments with anyone yet. I'm sure I will though.

  • Nope I don't talk to anyone here much, in fact I hardly login these days, except on weekends, this site is getting boring

  • Sex chat counts as getting along?

  • yes couple of people I get on very well with

  • There's this one girl on here, she's so perfect for me, she's like the female version of men, just with slight differences, yet, she can't stand me, why? I dont know

  • I definitely don't get along with @Genie23 or @HollywoodGlam

    Oh and don't forget @LovesTVDx

    • Aw, thanks!! ;3

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    • LMHO! Yes, I'm glad I read carefully before commenting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm a little smartie? That made me feel like a 8 year old kid! LOL πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
      I know, I don't mind it when you tease me, in fact it made me laugh xD

    • Lol awwww ;) we most definitely do not get along! ;)

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  • There are a few I like talking to (in alphabetical order)

    @jacwat25 - he is down to earth and super friendly. He likes to make sure I'm OK.
    @johnluke- he is very caring, ambitious and always happy its contagious.
    @mikeynlade- he is so funny and a trip! Always a good time.
    @riverock- the first guy I talked with here. He is intelligent, amazing and a gentleman
    @wordsmithing- he is a witty mysterious guy. Very cultured and knowledgeable. So brave too!

    Thats the list :D

  • Some people more than others but I do text a couple people practically everyday I'm also Fb friends with a couple and even follow back a few on ig. No need to tag they know Who they are and some aren't here anymore so tagging would be useless anyways. I just click with these people hence why I have gone out of my way to friend them out side of this site. I'm pretty social if we're on the same level and their entertaining :)

  • I get along with no one on here.

  • i don't know anyone on an offline basis. just some friendly banter in the comment sections with a few whom i wouldn't mind getting to know better, so long as they feel the same.

  • Yeah. I talk to a few outside of here

  • I don't get along with most people on here.

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