Do you think this site copied off YahooAnswers?

It seems VERY similar to YA. I remember the YA days lol


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  • It's similar and I think they got the idea from it, but they turned it into more of a community where everyone knows each other and they made it a LOT more organized and developed.

    This site KILLS YahooAnswers.


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  • I used to be a hardcore yahoo answerer. I still got thousands of the useless points sitting in the account I have on there.

    First off, there are soooo many internet forums where you 'ask a question, get a response.' The only difference between YA, this, and those forums is that YA and GAG is more diverse and offers broad topics.
    However, GAG capitalizes on offers great improvements on YA that make it vastly different. GAG's sense of community is something that YA has none of.

    Some things that YA fails and GAG wins on.
    1.) I can actually message cool people who I want to be friends with, via pm.
    2.) The points mean something. YA points are completely worthless. GAG points can get you giftcards or donations to charities eventually.
    3.) The site layout actually makes sense. Ever since YA went from green to purple, the mobile version sucks and the layout is buggy and awful.
    4.) Way less trolls on GAG, and higher quality answers since people actually care -- well, uhh, for the most part. Also many less spammers.
    5.) Comments get notifications on GAG. Since there are so many spammers on Yahoo, they haven't figured out a way yet to put notifications for comments that spam bots won't take advantage of.
    6.) Sense of community. You recognize many users on here. You can make friends on here after talking to them. Heck, I've gotten in Skype calls and watched movies with some of them. On all my time on YA, I never talked to someone on the site or anything. GAG makes you feel, I don't know, less lonely and isolated than YA. On YA, you don't get flagged for "member posts" because no one knows each other.
    7.) Can tag other people with @
    8.) Can go anonymous.
    9.) Says age. I don't know how many YA questions I've answered where they didn't say the age for a relationship question and I had to guess (probably inaccurately) off their grammar.
    10.) A team of mods and admins that continually clean the site of bad users/posts. On Yahoo Answers, answers may be down voted badly, but rarely are they ever taken down. On this site, mods do a pretty good job of cleaning it up.
    11.) MyTakes-- possibly the biggest difference between the two. YA offers no myTakes whatsoever. If anything, YA people just rant on questions.
    12.) People actually ANSWER your questions on GAG. I don't know how many times I post a question on YA and no answers come forth. The first time I came on GAG, I was shocked to see the "No Opinion" feed empty. YA is swarmed with unanswered questions, which leads to duplicates.

    • This is such a great answer. I've used Ya! So I know what you are talking about.. GaG's far more interesting and has a better community..
      When I was on ya! I never talked to anyone and didn't get more than 3-12 responses in a question.. GaG's better.
      I left ya! After they changed it from green to purple-blue colour.

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    • I have two dogs, both Great Danes, named Piper and Belle. Belle is hyper but Piper is lazy as crap 😅

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  • The only thing they have the same is that on both sites you can answer questions. But the similarities end there. You might as well ask if television is a copy of the radio since both can emit sound - which is about the only similarity they have.

  • There is more a community feel on GaG.

  • dunno... nothing wrong in using other business models

  • Not an exact copy but yes pretty similar, but GaG was much more exciting at least it used to be

  • Yes they are imitators


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  • Omg yes! It's so similar to YahooAnswers.

    You ask a question
    You can put opinions
    You also pick best answer
    you earn points
    You level up
    Earn stuff

    Yep, the same

  • It's similar in the fact that questions get asked and answers given. I'm sure there were other sites before YA. It isn't the most elaborate of ideas is it?

  • Gag is so much better.

  • Ya! was so awesome, I remember now.. But then they did all those updates and ruined the site..