Your career in GaG in song?

For me it is Katy Perry - Hot N Cold


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  • Empire cast- No Apologies. I hate the show but this song describes my GaG life lol.

    • Sounds like a good philosophy to have

    • I do just kind of say what I want most of the time but at least it's real advice. Butt hurt people that try to argue with me and say oh I'm such a bitch or rude I really don't care, and I'll never say sorry bc I'm not sorry and most likely I wasn't wrong.

  • Based on just the title alone,

    Fuck you - Cee Lo Green


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  • I feel like my GAG career (as short as it has been so far) is more of comprised between two songs. One is a more serious song for the serious questions, and another is for the other questions and quizzes which is just me having fun.

    Jumper - Third Eye Blind
    This is how giving serious advice kind of feels like to me. It's more like trying to tell them to step back and rethink their decision often times. Other times, there are some heavy questions that leave people feeling trapped, so it is important to offer them a solution and tell them that there is an escape-- advice, if you will.

    World At Large - Modest Mouse
    This represents the non-serious questions. I often just jest around with them and offer a corny joke with them. Example would be quizzes. I'm not going to answer a quiz like I would about someone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship. This song symbolizes the carefree attitude I have with the non-serious questions.

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    • U mad bro - Made me laugh so true
      Suicide Sheep - Very deep

    • Exactly no middle ground either very deep or wondering why I infuriated someone to the point of name calling... Nice question:)

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